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    19 Beautiful Products That Are Surprisingly Soothing

    Are you shivering yet?

    Zoe Burnett / Buzzfeed

    1. This literal book lamp.


    2. These ombre notepad towers.

    3. This magnetic tape dispenser.

    4. These slightly transparent sticky notes.

    5. These blue-tinted water glasses.

    6. These deliciously round toothbrush holders.

    7. These perfectly engraved cutting boards.

    8. This desk lamp that has all the right curves.

    9. These pencils with gold caps.

    10. These polygonal wooden puzzle pieces.

    11. This flawlessly glossy, spherical humidifier.

    12. This projected lampshade light.

    13. These patterned geometric notebooks.

    14. This iridescent prism tote.

    15. These chic, stackable, legless chairs.

    16. This mesh bracelet that’s also a better version of the scrunchie.

    17. This bubble necklace that’s realistic enough to want to pop!

    18. This giant knot cushion.

    19. This lunar floor lamp.

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