21 Unconventional Septum Rings That You Need Immediately

Pierced or un-pierced, there is no turning back.

1. This angled nose dagger.


A minimalist’s dream. Buy it here.

2. This bold V.


Uuuummpph. Just look at that fierceness screaming at you!! Available here.

4. This mystifying helix.


Lovely and perfect amount of subtle. Buy it here.

5. This triple ring.


3x the hypnotism. Get it here.

6. This witchy moon gem.

Get it with your birth stone! Available here.

7. This seriously sharp arrowhead.

Dipped in 100% don’t-fuck-wit-me. Buy it here.

8. This winged beauty.


Be the mermaid you truly are. Get it here.

9. This Hellenic faux leaf branchlet.

Unleash the Artemis within you. Get it here.

10. This diamond-shaped stunner.


Connect with the Gods of ancient myths. Available here.

11. This feathered circlet.

Mount Olympus is within your reach. Get it here.

12. This lustrous chandelier.


A testament to modern art. Available here.

13. This triangular loop.

What kind of cryptic geometry is this? Buy it here.

14. This ring that wants to embrace you.

A talisman directly from Venus. Get it here.

15. This one that’s adorned with black accents.


So edgy it’s blinding me! Available here.

16. This wire-wrapped vortex.

Comes with magnetizing powers. Buy it here.

18. This crescent with a temple.

For those who are in touch with their moon water. Get it here.

19. This oceanic octopus tentacle.


Equipped for anyone with a slightly villainous heart. Available here.

20. This teensy tiny double chain.

Perfect for additional obscurity. Available here.

21. This shark fin.

Simple. Elegant. Flawless. Get it here.

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