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17 Scandalous Ways People Have Actually Tried To Save Money

"I stole flowers from a funeral and gave them to my gf. Better than going to waste." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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1. For when you see your dream dress but the tag says $$$$:

2. For when you're interested in having the bladder of a gladiator:

3. For when you become that person who nobody knows at a funeral:

4. For when you want two services but you can only afford one:

5. For when you can't afford the latest best-sellers:

6. For when you're honestly being more eco-friendly:

As long as you don't have any plants.

7. For when you'd like to smell nice occasionally:

8. For when you have more condoms than you actually need:

9. For when you refuse to pay for makeup remover too:

10. For when you can only give the gift of an experience:

11. For when you want to confirm that the color looks good on you in the store:

12. For when you take "wastefulness" to its grave:

13. For when you do the classic trade of services for goods:

14. For when you're a master at impeccably removing stickers:

15. For when you know you can make it for way less:

16. For when you want to hang with friends but can't afford drinks:

17. For when you know you'll give in to temptations:
The best things at three price points