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    27 Lazyish Products You Need If You're Almost An Adult

    Be responsible and still have fun!

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. This daring ninja toothbrush sanitizer.

    Let's face it, you probably keep that brush in the bathroom, where it is chilling in the company of despicable fecal matter. Buy it here.

    2. This mug that knows just how to motivate you.

    Sometimes you need a little more than some ~encouragement~. Get it here.

    3. This panda sandwich maker that'll inspire you to bring your lunch to work.

    They'll be the happiest surprise in your midday slump. Buy it here.

    4. This ventilated lap desk that'll protect your laptop while marathoning Netflix on your bed.

    We know you let your laptop burn for hours while resting on your stomach. Buy it here.

    5. This robo-bear mop that'll gladly sweep across your floor.

    Who cleans unless they're having fun?? Available here.

    6. This R2-D2 desktop vacuum that'll keep your sloppiness to a minimum.

    More responsible reasons to take a work break. Available here.

    7. This extra large wine sippy cup.

    Finally, a tumbler that understands my needs. Get it here.

    8. This paint can that has a built-in paint brush.

    This reduces two steps into one, so I am 50% more likely to actually repaint my ugly walls. Available here.

    9. This fun rubberlike glue that fixes literally everything.

    Miss Play-Doh and Silly Putty? Here's something that you can mold with your hands that'll also improve your life. Get it here.

    10. This magnetic wall organizer that makes organizing easy.

    Think of it as grown-up Tetris. Available here.

    11. This animal army knife that makes mundane tasks more fun.

    Or just show it off to everyone. Buy it here.

    12. This travel mug that prevents your clumsiness from ruining your day.

    Not only is it a necessary staple, but you can use it as a punching bag to relieve stress. Or just punch it because you can. Buy it here.

    13. This rubber mat that helps maximize your fridge space.

    You know that half of your fridge is filled with booze or seltzer. Available here.

    14. These storage canisters with measuring caps.

    Make it easier to prep your meals. Buy it here.

    15. This flavored vodka infuser bottle.

    'Cause you still fancy. This also works with any kind of alcohol. Get it here.

    16. This buddha mug bowl that you can use for all occasions.

    Peak almost-adultness is having a nice-looking dish that you can use for BOTH eating and drinking. Available here.

    17. This "staybowlizer" that'll turn you into a baking connoisseur.

    Less spilling, more eating. Get it here.

    18. This baking mat that ensures the perfect cookie every time.

    Or better yet, just smash on a huge circle of dough that covers the entire mat. Buy it here.

    19. This chill and totally non-ostentatious banana light.

    Groovy, just like you. Buy it here.

    20. This lightsaber battery pack that you'll remember to carry around.

    Because it's a lightsaber. You'll want to have it on you. Get it here.

    21. This knot-your-average charging cable.

    Ten-foot charging cables are the new life optimizing tools. Buy it here.

    22. This monster tote that can hold all the random crap you still need to carry around.

    But hey, random crap is important crap. Available here.

    23. This full wine bottle to-go bag.

    More convenient for traveling and you know, making sure you don't get glass shards everywhere. Available here.

    24. This BB-8 car charger that makes an adorable driving sidekick.

    You can even play some BB-8 tunes while you're at it. Buy it here.

    25. These personalized travel bags that'll keep your life in order.

    Let your stuff do the thinking for you. Available here.

    26. This mug that'll relieve your boredom with shadow puppet breaks.

    Work on your shadow puppetry while caffeinating. Buy it here.

    27. And of course, this heated teddy bear that'll comfort you when adulting gets too real and too hard.

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