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33 Products Every Office Supplies Lover Needs To Own

For the most die-hard officianados.

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Jenny Chang / Buzzfeed

1. These pen-cap utensils that understand just how busy some days can be.

Buy them here.

2. These Ctrl+Alt+Del coffee mugs that speak your office lingo.

Ctrl+Alt+Del your busiest mornings. Buy it here.

3. A zipper bookmark that will keep your books airtight.

No ruffled pages, ever. Get it here.

4. A water tower that will hold your workday necessities.

Includes friendly plants, snacks, and water. Get it here.

5. This aromatic air purifier that keeps your desk nice and relaxed.

Buy it here.

6. This notepaper roller that keeps it sharp.

7. A prism magnifier that ensures nothing will slip from your attentive eyes.

Also, look how sleek it is. Get it here.

8. This multi-use contractor tool.

9. This modular magnetic pen that also functions as a stylus.

It works for your smartphone and your tablet. Buy it here.

10. A hide-and-keep cable box to eliminate any clutter.

Available here.

11. These don't-let-me-fall cable drops that prevent your desk crevices from turning into wire hellholes.

Buy them here.

12. A portable all-in-one coffeemaker.

So you can brew your coffee just the way you like it, anytime. Get it here.

13. These minimalist upright scissors.

For clutter-free organization. Get it here.

14. A desktop cool-mist humidifier that keeps your skin glowingly healthy.


Ultra quiet. Buy it here.

15. A pen you can actually doodle in 3D with.

MoMa Store

Buy it here, and watch an insanely mesmerizing video of it in action here.

16. This little spaceman that illuminates a dim workspace.

MoMA Store / Via

Buy it here.

17. This typewriter that you can actually type on a PC, Mac, or iPad with.

USB Typewriter / Via

Get it here.

18. This USB Mini Fridge.

Brainydeal / Amazon / Via

Upgrade from the office fridge. Get it here.

19. A sleek stand that holds your books and charges your tablet or smartphone.

Get it here.

20. This desktop punching bag that's better than a stress ball.

Tech Tools / Amazon / Via

Get it out of your system. Available here.

21. A bamboo dry-erase board that is hella stylish.

22. A finger massager.

23. These highlighters with transparent tips that don't bleed.

Japanese-design-approved. Buy them here.

24. This tape dispenser.


25. This succulent zen garden that keeps stress far, far away.

Get it here.

26. A Marimo moss ball that's impossibly cute.

Buy it here.

27. This whiteboard wall clock that you can plan your day with.

Buy it here.

28. An office nap pillow.

29. This USB fan that will help you keep your cool.

Get it here.

30. This heated foot hammock that lets you rest up.

31. A wind-up hand shredder.

Buy it here.

32. This "...oops!" eraser.

Oops! ...I did it again. Buy it here.

33. A USB microwave that perfectly complements your USB fridge.

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

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