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27 Studio Ghibli Tattoos That'll Make Your Heart Croon

Friends to carry around with you on rainy days.

1. This trippy Spirited Away illustration.

Roberto Euan / Via

2. This adorable sootball from Spiritied Away.

3. This delightfully watercolored Totoro.

Антон Ковригин / Via

4. This beautiful, tear-jerker of a scene that enshrines the love between Chihiro and Haku.

namidoreen / Via


5. This Totoro window that peers into the enchanting world of Hayao Miyazaki.

Bugsy Seagull / Via

6. This ghostly portrayal of No-Face's mischievous demeanor.

Helena Darling @helenadarlingtattooist / Via

7. This dashing and gallant manifestion of the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke.

David Lopez / Via

Long live trees!!

8. This fierce sleeve of Moro from Princess Mononoke.

Tiggy Tuppence / Via

9. This haunting portrait of Princess Mononoke.

10. This fiery fusion between Calcifer and No-Face.

Антон Ковригин / Via

11. This precious little reverie of Kodamas.

Jessica Channer / Via

12. This flawless union between Howl and Sophie.

13. This perplexed, underwater silhouette of Totoro.

Oscar Brujo / Via

14. This friendly family of Kodamas.

Moona from El Nino / Via

15. This inconceivably cute depiction of Ponyo.

16. This surreal collage of My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

Антон Ковригин / Via

17. This baby Totoro companion.

18. This watercolored Totoro that's dotted with blossoms.

Mares Lora / Via

19. This cunning montage of No-Face and Princess Mononoke (masked).

Alex Werdner from Star Tattoo / Via

20. This Ponyo scene that is on point.

Maurycy Szymczak / Via

21. This fun party on the arm featuring sootballs and sprinkles.

22. This magnificent representation of Howl's moving castle.

Josh Howard (@elderly_lady) of Solid State Tattoo / Via

23. This sad romantic version of No-Face.

24. This progression of the most lovable Studio Ghibli characters.

25. This Totoro that'll remind you to carry an umbrella.

26. This lil' Kodama bosom buddy.

27. And this one who likes trekking through nature just as much as you do!