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    Here's The Most Elegant Facial Piercing You Can Get

    Bedeck dem lips.

    Behold, this is the Medusa piercing.

    Also known as a philtrum piercing, between your upper lip and septum.

    Anyone who dons it looks seriously stunning.

    It portrays elegance.



    So much badassery.

    It brings out your inner punk.

    Definitely sass.

    Mermaid enchantress.

    It's so down to j chill with you.

    Like outside, where it screams *sun goddess.*

    It's so tiny.

    But playful.

    The perfect acquaintance for a night out.

    It definitely makes dem lips pop.

    It smiles on top of your smile.

    But also knows how to channel your inner peace.

    It's striking...


    Effortlessly chic.

    You should definitely consider getting one.




    Welcome to world of looking gorgeous 24/7.