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27 Gifts For People Who Care More About Food Than They Do You

But now, they'll like you more.

1. This Sriracha to-go bottle ($6).

For people who like it hot, always. Available here.

2. This quick and portable cheese melter ($25).

3. This electric milk frother ($40).

This is for the person who always makes you go out to get fancy lattes. Now they can do that whenever they want. Available here.

4. These mini-glass jars of Nutella ($28).

To keep in their (your) pockets at all times. Available here.

5. This maple BACON coffee ($21).

The power of breakfast all in one. Get it here.

6. A bread warmer ($8).

7. This exorbitantly large coffee cup ($39).

8. Just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal ($12.50).

9. This collection of salts used around the world ($40).

10. This cordless warming tray ($70).

11. Sriracha-flavored salt ($9.50)

12. This wine opener that lets you pour your wine without uncorking the bottle ($300).

This preserves the wine longer, which will make your wine connoisseur friends very, very happy. Available here.

13. These whiskey ice balls ($13).

No more watery booze! Also, this can be used to make some sweet fruit-infused ice balls. Get them here.

14. This giant Coke gummy ($20).

15. This wine-infused coffee ($20).

16. This Himalayan salt mortar and pestle ($36).

17. This butter churner ($41).

For that person who slathers butter on everything. Also, being able to make it on your own means flavor-infused butter. JUST IMAGINE. Available here.

18. An all-kinds-of cheese-making kit ($26).

For your friends who dream in cheese. Makes mozzarella, burrata, burricota, chevre, ricotta, marscapone and butter. Available here.

19. These wasabi-flavored Kit Kats ($16).

Sweet and salty with the perfect kick. Available here.

20. This single-serving tea infuser cup ($15).

For people who don't drink water, but tea. Buy it here.

21. A rum advent calendar ($228).

What doesn't go better together than rum and Christmas? Get it here.

22. This air-purifying and odor-reducing bag for your refrigerator ($8).

It doesn't keep things from spoiling but it will eliminate the smell of week-old takeout. Get it here.

23. This GIANT ice cream scooper ($30).

24. This set of exotic dessert and baking salts ($20).

25. This non-electric slow cooker ($68).

Think, slow-cooking without draining electricity!! Available here.

26. An herb, vinegar, and oil infuser ($16).

27. This very easy sushi-making kit ($33).

SUSHI FOR EVERY MEAL! Available here.