23 Things You Need If You're Obsessed With Llamas


    1. This clever throw pillow.

    2. This dazed and blazed llama mug.

    Living the high lyfe. $14.60, Memeskins.

    3. This Kendrick "Llama" T-shirt.

    4. This adorably cozy plush.

    *Pinch all the pink cheeks.* $40, PIETenKEES.

    5. This friendly hello stamp.

    6. This sassy llama plate.

    No one will ever comment on your subpar cooking skills. $17, StudioFroezel.

    7. These very welcoming sticky notes.

    A necessity for any aspiring llama farmer. $1.42, llama-rama.

    8. This tiny geometric necklace.

    9. This wonder wollama tote.

    Finally, your dream of a llama wonder woman has been fulfilled. $25, AvengingPlushies.

    10. This baller of Ballama pin.

    11. This glitzy, starry-eyed lamp.

    Make it your astrological sign. $47, Zazzle.

    12. This grazing llama rolling pin and cookie cutter.

    13. This flirty phone case.

    14. This spit-friendly car decal.

    15. This delightfully airy scarf.

    Sophistication at its finest. $38.64, TalentedApple.

    16. These lil' felt friends.

    Give Pablo and Julieta their happy ending. $19.75, feltmelons.

    17. This Dali Llama.

    18. These very puzzled stickers.

    Squishable. $2.32, FoxandCactus.

    19. This oddball in a banana pouch.

    Sheep, sheep, sheep, LLAMA!!! $10.57, LifestyleandShop.

    20. These sharp little ~studs~.

    21. This pretty pleasant washi tape roll.

    22. This cheeky art print.

    ’Cause this llama's got no chill. $18.00, WrenAtlasDesigns.

    23. And this really party-hearty llama pin that is all you.