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27 Deceptively Bad Gifts That'll Surprise Your Friends

Oh, thanks, you got me "fish"?

1. This fish PENCIL POUCH ($20).

Luckily, it doesn't smell bad. You can get one like this here.

2. These sushi TOWELS ($17.30).

Delicious? Available here.

3. These fruit-like CANDLES ($8).

Pretty enough to eat. You can get these here and here.

4. These pencil EARBUDS ($29).

Buy them here.

5. These composition book iPAD CASES ($14).

For the progressive traditionalist. Available here.

6. This ramen PILLOW ($16).

7. These chewing gum MAGNETS ($8).

HA HAR HA. Tell 'em how you really feel. Get them here.

8. This pizza JIGSAW PUZZLE ($18).

9. These syringe HIGHLIGHTERS ($2.50).

For the friend who has to endure medical school. Get them here.

10. This burrito YOGA BAG ($40).

~Romantic~. Get it here.

11. These macaron COIN PURSES ($14).

12. This pair of legs LAP PILLOW ($25).

Everyone needs a personal lap. Get it here.

13. This cassette TAPE DISPENSER ($21).

Legit vintage. Get it here.

14. These cigarette PENCILS ($11).

Acceptable "smoking: in public areas. Get them here.

15. This giant bear SLEEPING BAG ($2,350).

Perfect for encountering real bears when camping. Just sleep. Order here.

16. This PB&J POUCH ($8).

17. These chopstick PENCILS ($5).

18. This ceramic notebook TRAY ($25).

19. This floppy disk TABLE ($930).

It even comes with a secret storage slot. Buy it here.

20. This "hinge" PACKING TAPE ($13).

For the packaging aficionado. Buy it here.

21. These balloon LAMPS ($56).

So, you stole a balloon from Chick-fil-A. Thanks. Get them here.

22. This book TENT ($439).

Live out your fantasy in the wiiiiiild. Customize your own reading tent here.

23. This cinema PLACEMAT ($7.30).

For the friend who netflixes and eats. Available here.

24. This crumpled paper THROW PILLOW ($20).

25. This Game Boy iPHONE CASE ($15).

26. This CATFISH.