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    34 Aggressively Cute Packaging Ideas You Need To See

    "Nice package."

    Jenny Chang / Buzzfeed

    1. These wool yarn bobbies.

    Gwyn M. Lewis

    Gwyn M. Lewis

    2. These accurate hair accessories.

    St. Stephen / Via

    3. These ice cream lightbulbs.

    Julia Kim / Via

    4. These notepads that match the outfits of the people on them.!/

    You can get all three: the blank notebook, striped notebook, and graph notebook.

    5. This perfect butterfly tea bag.

    Yena Lee / Via

    6. This Trident gum.

    Hani Douaji / Via

    7. These sock brushes.

    leejiye / Via

    8. These attitude-matching earbuds.

    9. These edible chocolate tubes.



    Paint = flavored fillings.

    10. This self-opening environmentally friendly oil dome.

    Tomorrow Machine / Via

    It's made of caramelized sugar and wax, and even melts upon coming in contact with water.

    11. These poop bags.

    12. These sneakily hidden peppermints.

    Simon Laliberté / Via

    13. These lightbulbs disguised in egg cartons.

    Jiun Bao Law

    Jiun Bao Law

    14. These Tiny Feather tissue boxes.

    In-young Bae / Shang-Lun Yang / Via

    15. These hilariously accurate mochi flavors.

    Harmony Ho / Via

    16. These packages of pasta.

    Pietro Gala / Via Facebook: pietro.gala.pasta

    17. These butcher meats.

    Kei Meguro / Via

    18. These cupcake ovens.

    claudinehellmuth / Via

    Get them here.

    19. This Froot Loops cereal box.

    Alice Massih / Via

    20. This cotton-swab container.

    Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire / Via

    21. These fortune cookie pouches.

    Caroline Brickell / Via

    22. This "drip" syrup bottle.

    23. These bearded rope people.

    Isabella de Felice / Via

    24. This Swiss army chocolate wrapper.

    Buy these here.

    25. This flavored soup set.

    Kitami Hokkaido

    Kitami Hokkaido

    Kitami Hokkaido

    26. The cutest vitamin boxes imaginable.

    Fox in Sox / Mari Tropova / Sergey Tropov / Via

    27. These friendly baby-food holders.

    David Pickett

    David Pickett

    28. These baking kits that come with animal hats.

    Reese Panganiban

    Reese Panganiban

    29. These towering pencil towels.

    Hannah Jor / Via

    30. These treats for one.

    Tandy van Schalkwyk

    31. This pet food.

    Sara Strand / Via

    32. This hot chocolate helper kit.

    Alden Chong

    Alden Chong

    33. These ketchup-packet lollipops.

    Martin Beinhauer / Via

    34. These diva hair scrunchies.

    St. Stephen / Via