26 Crazy-Amazing Products That'll Make Your Life Easier

    Seriously, stop working so hard.

    1. This multisectional skillet.

    2. The only outlet hub you'll ever need.

    3. This ridiculous 8-in-1 kitchen tool.

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    4. This note pouch that has a pocket for everything.

    It has so many pockets that I could almost bury my worst self in there. Buy it here.

    5. This adaptable keyboard that changes according to the program you're using.

    6. This notebook that digitizes your notes and becomes reusable after being microwaved.

    One notebook for everything. Available here.

    7. This inexpensive, bright, and waterproof flashlight.

    8. This super knife that can slice, dice, and mince pretty much everything.

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    9. This pasta pot with a strainer lid.

    10. This microwaveable bowl that's friendly to your heat sensitivity.

    Three layers keep your food insulated without scorching your hands. Buy it here.

    11. This cut-your-own-hair barber cape.

    Seriously, for anyone who doesn't have money to throw away for haircuts, this is the best invention. Buy it here.

    12. This versatile and stylish cable lamp.

    13. This phone case that sticks to all kinds of surfaces.

    The world will be at your feet once you can do things hands-free. Get it here.

    14. This dish rack that actually has a place for your mugs.

    15. This cereal-to-go container with a built-in spoon.

    The perfect solution for preventing soggy foods. Buy it here.

    16. These LED wall plates that have up to three hours of power failure light.

    Never trip to your death again. Get them here.

    17. This pizza cutter and server that also chops most other foods.

    Chop, slice, cut, and serve. Buy it here.

    18. This smartphone wallet that includes an earphone opening.

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    19. This wireless charging pad that's compatible with multiple devices.

    20. This bowl with a removable strainer.

    21. This attachable and portable monitor.

    22. The perfect workout towel.

    23. This set of three mugs that can link together.

    Never spill or make a fool of yourself again. Get them here.

    24. This phone case that amplifies sound over two times.

    25. This umbrella that also lights up.

    26. This anti-cat keyboard cover.