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19 Highly Suspect Products That Actually Work

::throws dollar bills at screen::

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best suspiciously cheap purchases. Here are their thrifty results:

1. Phone cables and other technological accessories from Anker.

"Anker stuff is totally worth it. It's high quality and they meet the hype. I have Anker cables, a battery, and a speaker. All work great. Watch for sales and discount codes because they happen constantly. I’ve never paid full price for Anker products." —shelleye

Get the phone cable here.

2. This floral vintage dress from Amazon.


"I bought this dress with no real expectations. Imagine my surprise! This $18 item was so lovely that I wore it to my Tom Hiddleston photo op (something I don’t take lightly)! As of now, I own four of these dresses in different patterns and colors!" —rosap

Get it here.

3. Used clothing from stores like Urban Outfitters and Free People on Vinted.

"I've gotten a load of great preloved clothes from" —m1ssrhi

Check out the store here.

4. Hair spirals from Amazon.

"I bought these hair spirals for $1.60 on Amazon and they work ingeniously! Instead of using 12 bobby pins or even a hair tie to keep a bun on top of my head, I use only one or two of these hair spins and it keeps my bun in place all day!" —nataliec4160867eb

Get them here.

5. Clothes, backpacks, and accessories from Dog Dog. /

"The store Dog Dog is a really great online shop for cute clothes and accessories!! They also sell backpacks and phone cases and everything is made of durable material and isn’t of poor quality. It’s all fairly inexpensive and shipping is free to the US!!" —gee!

Get the avocado shirt here and the watch here.

6. Top-rated items from Wish.

"Got a set of these off Wish and they are awesome. Other great buys from Wish include watercolor pencils, a necklace with a glowing ball inside, and a pair of Pac-Man leggings. I think the key for Wish is to read the comments and reviews and look at the user upload pics!" —m1ssrhi

Get the gloves here and the necklace here.

7. Mi Band, a fitness tracker, from Amazon.

"It’s kinda like a Fitbit, but it’s only $20, and it works the same way." —jnnrwln

Get it here.

8. Dresses from Eric Dress,

"I needed a dress last-minute but I thought the price was too good to be true. I thought I would get cheap fabric and only wear the dress once. It was PERFECT. It looked just like the picture and the fabric was heavy and durable. I’m sure I’ll wear it for years!" —kzendi

Get the first dress ($20) here and the second dress ($28) here.

9. A screen protector from Amazon.

"Bought this screen protector for my iPhone 6s Plus and it has surpassed my expectations. I’ve dropped my phone from a set of 20-foot bleachers and not only did my phone not crack, but the screen didn’t either. For only $5, I am definitely going to be getting a second should my current one ever break!" —Lydiaodell

Get it here.

10. This makeup brush cleaner from Amazon.

"Bought one of these eggs to wash your makeup brushes for 79 cents on eBay, but you can buy it for $2 on Amazon. It's high quality and I use it all the time." —chingchingc

Get it here.

11. Secondhand clothing from ThredUp.,

"I tried out ThredUp after seeing a gorgeous Free People dress (retail: $400, got it for $23.98) AND IT ACTUALLY CAME! It was in great condition and I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it to work the next day." —Akimaru123

Get the boots ($11) here and the faux leather jacket ($33) here.

12. Beauty products from Cute.

"Tons of cheap makeup! I’ve bought two lip glosses for $2 each ($1 shipping!), and a great snail face cream that makes my face soft. There’s millions of items and even if I’m broke I can still afford to buy something." —nikif4965e9836

Get the nail tape here and the contouring stick here.

13. This durable gold phone case from Amazon.

"This phone case is a champ. After a night out, I found my phone underneath a Prius, parallel-parked on the street, and it had clearly been run over. But, my phone still works! It has a few cracks, but nothing major, which is amazing because it was literally run over by a car. This case is AMAZING and stylish in lovely gold." —katiecoyle3

Get it here.

14. Anything from Mini in the Box and Light in the Box.,

"I ordered $89 worth of clothing that I ended up returning. Not only did I get a person to help with my return, but they also explained the sizing differences, returned my full amount, and refunded the shipping! Since then I’ve purchased makeup (they have knockoff Naked palettes that look real), phone cases, and shoes. I recommend this place to EVERYONE!" —alexd49bd161ba

Get the lights ($2.50) here and the boots ($22.50) here.

15. This Beautyblender and Real Techniques dupe.

"Awesome dupe for Real Techniques sponge! They take a while to be delivered, but for $1.99 plus free shipping, it’s worth it! I usually order five at a time." — vincentnmoniquer

Get it here.

16. Cosmetics and hair accessories from Miss A.,

"Anything I’ve gotten from Miss A looks exactly like in the picture. Everything on the site is a dollar, and most of my jewelry is from there." —meghanivac

Get the lip glosses ($1) here and the eyeshadow palette ($1) here.

17. This phone case for mermaids from Amazon.

"My Valfre mermaid shell knockoff phone case. I got it through Amazon for about $4 and it’s my favorite thing ever. It's chunky but it works perfectly and actually protects my phone. I also get tons of compliments!" —itsmechandler

Get it here.

18. This dual eyebrow brush from Amazon.

"This eyebrow brush is only $1 (with free shipping!) and does the job of higher brand versions at 1/3 of the price! I already went back and bought another as a backup." —alexandrac7

Get it here.

19. And lastly, these outrageously cool golden gladiator sandals.

"Outrageously, outstanding, cool sandals." —mares

Get them here.

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Rose Wholesale has been removed from this post. While some members of our community may have had a good experience with the brand, BuzzFeed's investigation into the parent company revealed less than stellar business practices.