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31 Halloween Costumes That Require Absolutely No Skill

For the creatively-challenged.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. A pothead.

Queen Williams / Via

Anyone can be a pothead!

2. Damien from Mean Girls

3. Ron Swanson.

Rebecca Willo / Via

Especially if you're a woman, because mustaches can look really good on women.

4. Your favorite emoji.

Jane@buzzmills / Via

So easy! You also have like hundreds of options.

5. Kim Possible

_the_invisible_girl._ / Via

Materials needed: a black crop top, cargo pants, and a ginger wig (if you're not already lucky enough to inherit such natural color).

6. Any type of [insert adjective] [insert gender and sex].

kristachambers / Via

For instance, here is a "gentle man."

7. A killer housewife.

8. An iconic Banksy drawing.

Allison Husko / Via

Materials needed: all black outfit and a heart-shaped balloon.

9. A beanie baby.

10. Air marshall Melissa McCarthy.

Annie Oczypok / Via

Materials needed: travel pillow, white beret, headphones, and a voracious inclination to show any amount of leg.

11. Forrest Gump.

12. Some super tough bikers.

13. Miranda Sings.

ohhellofran / Via

Tilt the head and smear that lipstick.

14. Spinelli from Recess

15. Finn from Adventure Time.

16. ONE Direction.

Angel Rose / Via

Keep it simple, stupid.

17. Twister

18. Your favorite e-card.

Colette Smith / Via

19. Something related to your social network profile(s).

In real time IRL.

Like your Pinterest account.

Julia Lamberth, Wichita Falls, TX / Via

Maybe pin things under "Holiday Wishlist."

20. Hell, just show everyone the social butterfly you are.

21. Penny Proud from The Proud Family.

22. Black Swan ballerinas.

23. Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

24. Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World.

Katie Elmer / Via

25. Pepto Bismol.

Emily Conrad / Via

It looks more complicated than it is: all you need is a salmon pink shirt, a chef's hat, and a beautiful, nauseating Pepto-Bismol sign.

26. "Chick Magnet"

27. Classic Miley and Robin Thicke (but with the genders reversed).

Anna Carolina / Via

Convince everyone that this is what actually happened.

28. A more interested take on the cat lady: meet 'copy cat lady.'

Martha Friedner / Via

29. These Guess Who contestants.

30. Mario, Luigi, and Wario on the race track In battle mode.

31. Salmon nigiri.

KP / Via Instagram

Wear white, add some curvy white lines to a salmon-colored fabric using fabric paint, and attach it to your back using a sash. Toppings are optional, but you can add some hair clippings if you want.