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Here's How To Eat Everything You've Ever Wanted From A Miyazaki Film

Warning: tears of happiness may ensue.

1. Ramen from Ponyo.

Studio Ghibli

There's no way to not crave ramen after watching this.

Luckily, it's fairly easy to make it, and this one looks exactly like the movie version! You just need a package of ramen, 1 slice cooked ham, 1/2 hard-boiled egg, and some scallions. Recipe here.

2. Steamed red buns from Spirited Away.

Studio Ghibli / Via

Miyazaki's art in animating food is unparalleled. The buns are so freaking moist and puffy! MMMmmm.

Steamed red bean buns are popular in many East Asian cultures. There's also the option to buy the red bean filling if you don't feel like making it. Recipe here.

3. Sponge cake from Spirited Away.

Studio Ghibli

Look at No-Face eating peacefully and delicately. Also look how the fluff of the cake scrunches at the touch of No-Face's fork. Swooooon.

"Ke-ki" (cake) is a type of "Yogashi," the Japanese term for Western-style sweets. Simple and delicious. See how to make it here.

4. Herring pot pie from Kiki's Delivery Service.

Studio Ghibli

Fancy and strange, but oddly appetizing.

Add olives to the edges for a more authentic touch. Recipe here.

5. Bento boxes from My Neighbor Totoro.

Studio Ghibli

The perfect packaging almost makes not eating it seem worth it. JK. BRB munching away on these scrumptious morsels.

Anna The Red / Via

Oooh la la. This recipe calls for a type of small fish (anchovy, smelt, etc.), rice, sour plum, and peas. The sour plum complements the saltiness of the fish. See how to make it here.

~Magical food sensations~.

Studio Ghibli

Miyazaki gets it when it comes to communicating with food. So many happy feels.

6. Rice porridge (okayu) from Kiki's Delivery Service.

Studio Ghibli

The steam. THE STEAM.

This okayu is also seen in Princess Mononoke.

Studio Ghibli
Studio Ghibli

You can customize this to your liking, but scallions are a must. Recipe here.

7. Winter vegetable nimono (stew) from Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

Studio Ghibli

Boiling potatoes has never looked more satisfying.

This calls for a variety of earthy things, mainly carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and bamboo (if you'd like). See how to make this here.

8. Fried horse mackerel or "Aji-furai" from From Up on the Poppy Hill.

Studio Ghibli

THE SIZZLE. You'll never be able to think of frying any differently.

Horse mackerel is a range of different species of fish. See how to make this here.

9. Breakfast mishmash from From Up on the Poppy Hill.

Studio Ghibli

Impeccable fried egg servings.

While this isn't an exact replica of the movie version, you can change this recipe accordingly. Just add some cabbage on the side. Recipe here.

10. Breakfast #2 from Kiki's Delivery Service.

Spirited Away

Ideal cat bonding time.

Anna The Red / Via

Anyone can make this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. See pancake, sausage, and tomatoes platter here.

11. Salmon in béchamel sauce from Porco Rosso.

Studio Ghibli

Give me all the cream and wine, please.

Anna The Red / Via

Glazed carrots, too. Delish. Recipe here.

12. Giant soup dumplings (Ba-wan) from Spirited Away.


Slurped up rightfully so.

Ba-wan are a type of Taiwanese snack that consists of a gelatinous shell usually filled with meat, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. Be sure to serve them with extra sauce. Recipe here.

13. Bacon and eggs from Howl's Moving Castle.

Studio Ghibli

Just Studio Ghibli reminding everyone of the power of a well-rounded breakfast: thick-cut bacon and all the eggs.

Obviously, this is pretty easy. But this recipe plays it up the way Calcifer would like (or hate) it. See here.

CORRECTION: Oops! The fried treats from #8 are actually fried horse mackerels and the soup dumplings from #12 are Ba-wan Taiwanese snacks. An earlier version of this post had the wrong recipes.