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13 Hangover Hacks That Are Simply Ingenious

"I love listening to One Direction when I'm hungover. It is literally the best music for your hangover." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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1. For those who cure themselves by *orgasming.*

2. For those who take solace in cold tiles:

3. For those who would sleep and puke in the arms of 1D:

4. For those who will use their hands to make smoothies if they have to:

5. For those who take comfort in knowing that feeling like death is just part of the circle of life:

6. For those who just can't ~dill~ with it:

7. For those who'll use the gym for its best asset:

8. For those who'd put orange juice through their showerheads:

9. For those who will fake it till they make it...

Until they don't.

10. For those who'll never compromise on their one-step solution:

11. For those who are OK with suffering even more:

12. For those who know that moving is never the answer:

13. And finally, for those who won't even give hangovers a chance:

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