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29 Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Three Things Or Fewer

Bookmark this and come back to it on the day of Halloween.

1. An avocado.

2. A jellyfish.

3. No-Face from Spirited Away.

4. The Olympic rings.

5. An adult baby.

6. A chocolate chip cookie.

7. An evidence bag.

8. The Snapchat ghost.

9. Matt Murdock from the Netflix TV series Daredevil.

10. "I'm innocent but I've been framed!"

11. White trash.

12. Magritte's "The Son of Man."

13. Your Tinder profile IRL.

14. Alice in Chains.

15. A Dell, which makes for a clever "Adele."

16. A nudist on strike.

17. Teenage Thor.

18. PB&J, the brands.

19. One of the badass wives from Mad Max.

20. MC Hammer.

21. A dungeon ghost.

22. A Sim.

23. A soot sprite.

24. A crazy straw.

25. A ~Smartie~ pants.

Materials needed: Smarties.

26. A ghost that's too spooky to have eyes.

27. A Chipotle burrito.

Materials needed: Tin foil and tissue paper.

28. A Facebook profile page.

29. An Abercrombie model.