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29 Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Three Things Or Fewer

Bookmark this and come back to it on the day of Halloween.

Amy Sefton for Buzzfeed

1. An avocado.

Instagram: @hamiltic.hamiltac / Via

Materials needed: A piece of cardboard, paint, and your own belly!

2. A jellyfish.

angiwen / Via

Materials needed: An umbrella and a bunch of yarn.

3. No-Face from Spirited Away.

Facebook: hollowbeatsatnight / Via

Materials needed: A black hoodie (preferably long) and a DIY paper mask that you can draw on using Sharpies/markers.

4. The Olympic rings.

Materials needed: PVC tape and a rubber hoop cover (or wire). See how here.

5. An adult baby.

Amanda Lee / Via

Materials needed: A onesie and a sippy cup. This costume wins because 1) Halloween is freezing and 2) you're in a onesie.

6. A chocolate chip cookie.

turtleenoughfortheturtleclub / Via

Materials needed: A dog bed and brown paint for the spots.

7. An evidence bag.

Materials needed: Clear tarp and red tape. See how here.

8. The Snapchat ghost.

Michael Clinard / Via

Materials needed: A bed sheet and a Sharpie.

9. Matt Murdock from the Netflix TV series Daredevil.

alexquevedo6 / Via

Materials needed: Some kind of black clothing to cover your eyes (scarf, shirt, bandana, etc.).

10. "I'm innocent but I've been framed!"

clorist / Via

Materials needed: A frame.

11. White trash.

carlyfornia327 / Via

Materials needed: A trash bag and a Sharpie.

12. Magritte's "The Son of Man."

13. Your Tinder profile IRL.

Tyhink / Via

Materials needed: Green and red construction paper and a pair of scissors.

14. Alice in Chains.

Josh L / Via

Materials needed: A name tag with "Alice" and a chain.

15. A Dell, which makes for a clever "Adele."

andrewballoon / Via

Materials needed: A Dell sign and a cute smile when people scoff at you for trying to pull off "Adele."

16. A nudist on strike.

17. Teenage Thor.

Jake Chapman / Via

Materials needed: A hammer and a Sharpie.

18. PB&J, the brands.

devitod / Via

Materials needed: Printed Jif and Smucker's labels (or whatever labels you think make the best flavor combos).

19. One of the badass wives from Mad Max.

Leah Rose Cosplay / Via

Materials needed: Bed sheets or white T-shirts or something white.

20. MC Hammer.

Elysha Rom-Povolo / Via

Materials needed: A hammer and some construction paper.

21. A dungeon ghost.

Materials needed: A welded chain. See how here.

22. A Sim.

23. A soot sprite.

Emily Hoefler / Via

Materials needed: Cotton balls and craft eyes.

24. A crazy straw.

Materials needed: Vinyl tubing. See how here.

25. A ~Smartie~ pants.

Materials needed: Smarties.

26. A ghost that's too spooky to have eyes.

Don Brown / Via

Materials needed: A bedsheet.

27. A Chipotle burrito.

Materials needed: Tin foil and tissue paper.

28. A Facebook profile page.

29. An Abercrombie model.

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