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17 Signs You Hate The Gym But Love To Work Out

Cold, detached equipment is just such a turn off.

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1. There was a time when you thought working out only looked like this:

Looking at other people's biceps.

2. But then you realized that you could be fit AF without ever stepping foot in a gym.

3. You'd rather chew on your fingernails than stay on a treadmill for 40 minutes.

4. But running outside is pretty damn refreshing.

Even therapeutic at times too.

5. Just thinking of gym membership prices makes you cringe more than the thought of going on the elliptical.

I love when my gym membership is most expensive expense this week. #NowYouKnow

6. Their monochrome colors and stale smells make workouts seem like chores.

7. Whereas nature has all the power to make you forget that you're technically exercising.

Walking, hiking, jogging, kayaking, anything that allows you to explore.

8. You have absolutely no idea how to use 90% of the equipment in those mega-gyms anyway.

9. Sometimes, all those machines feel a bit impersonal.

10. You always have the sneaking suspicion that everyone is constantly sizing you up.

11. You find comfort in the basics, like mats, exercise balls, and a good old barbell.

12. And when you realized you could work out right in your living room, it was a total game changer.

13. Group workouts outside the gym are also your absolute jam — like whatever the hell is happening here.

Yoga = falling on top of sweaty friends.

14. And OMFG did you know you could dance awkwardly and punch shit and that's considered healthy?

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YASSS zumba, yaasss cardio kickboxing, yaasss dance class.

15. You know how to get creative with your workouts.

Playgrounds and benches are all you need in life.

16. And you're just as fit as those people who spend hours inside a sweaty gym.

AND INFINITELY HAPPIER than you would be if you did the same — which is what really matters most.

17. So basically, there's no reason for you to ever join a gym.

Unless they start providing puppy workout buddies. In that case, sign us all up.

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