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    23 Stunning Ways To Add Color To Your Walls

    Who doesn't want to dream in neon?

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Create a stained glass panel for a special window.

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Imagine how much brighter and cheerier your kitchen could be. You'll need glass paint and adhesive strips. Instructions here.

    2. Play around with neon light strips to create surreal effects.

    You can find neon light strips here that change color via remote control. You can install these along the trim, under your bed, or in a specific room like your bathroom. As for signs, you can check out this site here for custom made neon signs or try doing it yourself here.

    3. Make a wire-wrapped sign that's almost as bright as a neon sign.

    Get more details here.

    4. Splash some color onto your pillow covers.

    You'll need denim or canvas fabric and some fabric paint (or acrylic will work too). More details here.

    5. Frame your pictures with colored tape.

    Megan Boltz / Via

    You can find a whole assortment of Washi tape colors and patters here and find more ideas for framing here.

    6. Dye some tassels in Kool-Aid.

    Major plus: it'll smell deliciously sweet too. Learn how to do this here.

    7. Scatter some geometric decals in no particular arrangement.

    Kutchet Couture. / Via

    Like a piece of a kaleidoscope exploded in your room. You can get decals here.

    8. Accent your mirror with neon hues.

    Ingus Bajārs / Via

    9. Spruce up the legs of your tables.

    You can dip-dye or spray the legs of your table. See more instructions here.

    10. Bedeck your stairs with multi-colored and mismatching tape.

    I Am Pascal / Via

    See how this person made these bedazzling stairs here.

    11. Consider making your room two-toned or three-toned.

    12. Inversion works great too.

    Whoever says grey isn't a ~color~ doesn't understand the subjectivity of color.

    13. Add paint to highlight doors and other furniture pieces.

    14. Color block with subtle geometry.

    You'll need some paint tape and a willingness to pull out some middle school math. Just think of it as paint-by-number for adults. See some more detailed instruction here.

    15. Make one panel really bright against pastel hues.

    Eric d'Hérouville / Via

    16. Don't even blend and you'll be praised for having a ~high esthetic.~

    Lo Bjurulf / Via

    Laziness ✓DGAF ✓✓ Posh AF ✓✓✓

    17. Or go even further and create ombre walls.

    West Elm / Via

    You start by painting the wall the lightest color, and then you blend in swatches of darker tones. You use a dry brush to blend the different hues. See instructions here.

    18. If you don't want to DIY, you can purchase a watercolor mural.

    Available here.

    19. Don't ignore your floors!

    Get more tips on painting your floors here.

    20. And don't be afraid to go off-center.

    For a slightly more eye-catching effect.

    21. Hang some vibrant baskets on your walls.

    Rooms For The Revolution / Via

    22. Get funky with diagonal two-tone effects.

    Lesley Unruh / Via

    More details here.

    23. Or simply outline the natural grooves of your doors and walls.

    Tretoen / Via

    Even the tiniest amount of color will go a long way.

    Happy coloring!

    Sony Pictures Classics / Via

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