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23 Stunning Ways To Add Color To Your Walls

Who doesn't want to dream in neon?

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2. Play around with neon light strips to create surreal effects.

You can find neon light strips here that change color via remote control. You can install these along the trim, under your bed, or in a specific room like your bathroom. As for signs, you can check out this site here for custom made neon signs or try doing it yourself here.

3. Make a wire-wrapped sign that's almost as bright as a neon sign.

Get more details here.


4. Splash some color onto your pillow covers.

You'll need denim or canvas fabric and some fabric paint (or acrylic will work too). More details here.


12. Inversion works great too.

Whoever says grey isn't a ~color~ doesn't understand the subjectivity of color.

13. Add paint to highlight doors and other furniture pieces.

14. Color block with subtle geometry.

You'll need some paint tape and a willingness to pull out some middle school math. Just think of it as paint-by-number for adults. See some more detailed instruction here.


17. Or go even further and create ombre walls.

West Elm / Via

You start by painting the wall the lightest color, and then you blend in swatches of darker tones. You use a dry brush to blend the different hues. See instructions here.

19. Don't ignore your floors!

Get more tips on painting your floors here.