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23 Reactions That Perfectly Sum Up Losing Your Virginity Later In Life

You're a virgin who CAN drive.

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4. When your friends poked fun at your innocence.

"oh my god you're still a virgin??! that's hilarious"

AHAHAHA, there's so much funny in not having sex.

5. And made sex jokes that you didn't get because it was sooooo hilarious how uneducated you were.

When you are still a virgin . .

6. When you saw people your age already giving birth to small humans.

my reaction when I see people my age already on their 2nd & 3rd child

And you haven't even partaken in step one.


10. But then people like this made you thankful you didn't dive into it at a young age.

lmfao this why im still a virgin


16. When every year into your 20s made you think that you were doing something wrong.