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21 Gifts For People Who Do Everything On Their Beds

When life gets you down on a bed, stay down.

1. A laptop tray table to help them stay productive in their favorite position.

2. A light projector to transform their abode into something magical (since they hardly go out).

3. A bedside caddy to help keep everything essential within reach.

4. A bowl that can hold their utensils in between bites of cereal or ramen.

5. A t-shirt that accurately describes their chosen profession.

6. A 24k gold facial mask to make them feel luxurious even if they haven't showered or gone out for days.

7. An outlet that lets them charge their electronics directly from their couch or bed.

8. Pillowcases to let them doodle or take notes when they've run out of paper.

9. A reading pillow to encourage them to sit up once in a while.

10. A cup that's also a nightlight to keep them hydrated at all times.

11. A book to empower them to keep doing what they know how to do best.

12. A sleeping mask to ward off any foolish soul that tries to disturb them.

13. A cell phone bedside holder to help them quickly find and check their phone when they wake up.

14. An elegant alarm clock that makes tea, shortening the number of trips they have to take to the kitchen.

15. A secure and insulated tumbler to let them confidently drink wine in their bed.

16. An adjustable laptop desk to ensure the longevity of their laptop.

17. Stain resistant sheets because nobody's that clean.

18. A vacuum-insulated mug to prevent them from spilling any of their morning coffee.

19. A giant bowl that holds enough food for at least two meals.

20. A color-changing light cube to keep them amused when they're still averse to stepping outside.

21. A mesmerizing aromatherapy diffuser to mask the buildup of unwanted smells.

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