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21 Fierce AF Haircuts That Will Look Good On Anyone

Because symmetry is overrated.

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1. This etched lavender cut.

jonnyapplebeard / Via

2. This single-edge platinum pixie cut.

stepthebarber / Via

3. This uneven cotton candy fringe.

anarchyinthejp / Via

4. This patterned half-side shave.

hairimpressions / Via

5. This dangerously fierce bob with a surprise undercut.

I'm feelin' it too.
mm_zgat / Via

I'm feelin' it too.

6. This all-around undercut with swoopy bangs.

panovaev / Via

7. This perfectly asymmetrical bowl cut.

annahdoeshair / Via

8. This next-level Cruella de Vil.

cat_hunter_ / Via

9. This mandala undercut in the back.

chinsprout / Via

10. This baby pixie with the barely uneven bangs.

lily_lavelle / Via

11. This modern masterpiece.

delucaparrucchieri / Via

12. These simple and elegant hair carvings.

slimthebarber / Via

13. This bashfully quirky bob.

shima0222 / Via

14. This full geometric display.

raiobemba / Via

15. This charming half-bowl with a flawless arc.

ksxksx / Via

16. These lovely crop circles.

hair_by_bea / Via

17. This diagonal side cut that low-key turns into space art.

@asvpxalishv / Via

18. This beautiful choppy mess.

ksxksx / Via

19. This striking split from lush sweep to fading undercut.

miggz_da_barber / Via

20. This triangular shave that's fire.

bobbedhaircuts / Via

21. These tiny slits that'll simply destroy anyone.

iguanna13 / Via Instagram: @iguanna13
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