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21 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

You know you've been staring at your lackluster room all year.

Jenny Chang / Buzzfeed

1. Reposition your bed.

Ikea / Via

If you have a fairly large room, your bed doesn't need to lean up against the wall. If you add some space between the bed and the window, you'll create a cozy reading spot.

2. Rearrange your artwork.

And curating art doesn't have to be expensive! Here are 17 ways you can make it yourself if you don't know where to start and here's a great list of free prints.

Or change the framing of the art hung on your walls.

Putting all your random art into similar frames can make it feel like an actual gallery. You can buy a cheap frame here, or even just go to The Dollar Store to pick up some frames. Or, you can DIY hangers here.

3. Cover your walls with tapestries.

Tapestries are fantastic because not only do they make a bold statement, but they're relatively cheap and they make your room super renter-friendly. Get an inexpensive one here or here.

4. Get rid of furniture you don't need.

Opt for smaller things that have multiple functions, like a desk that also functions as a nightstand.

5. Hide your cords and disguise your router.

See how to hang your cords in a wire basket attached to your desk here. Instructions to wrap your longer cords with yarn or twine here and learn how to disguise your router here.

6. Get actual curtains or hang your current curtains higher.

See different styling options as well as solid curtain choices here.

7. Donate your clothes to clear up space in your closet or dresser.

Better yet, totally minimize your wardrobe and get a swanky clothes rail. Or you can DIY it here.

8. Add some patterned wallpaper or color accents to your door and other furniture.

Add them to corners of the room, your closet, your lampshade, your nightstand, and really anything you can think of. See how to decorate your door here and your dresser here.

9. Seriously tackle organizing all your scattered documents.

First, transition to electronic paperwork if you can. As for the rest, make a super nice and organized scrapbook or binder. It's like first day of high school all over again. See more details here.

10. Dust off all the surfaces and clean your electronics.

isthatabin / Via

This really will make your room feel new again and air dusters are a hilarious amount of fun. You can even dust to the beat of whatever song you're listening to.

11. Mount more of your furniture onto the walls.


This includes lamps, bookshelves, jewelry holders (canvas), pictures, etc.

12. Pack up your non-seasonal stuff.

For a small room, put it in some suitcases or storage boxes. If you're worried about pests, then you can add these cedar balls to your bins and for humidity, you can add these desiccant control packets.

13. Get new sheets but more importantly, actually wash your sheets.

14. Go all out on pillow bedecking.

Invest in lush pillows for sleeping and stack up on throw pillows. Get some cheap ones here and here.

15. Change up the lighting in the room.

Try replacing your lamp, throw in some string lights (copper adds a unique touch), add a suspending lantern or bulb, or maybe even throw in a quirky chandelier.

16. Get rid of junk on your table and under it.

Passion Shake / Via

Let's face it, you've probably been stacking everything you've accumulated over the years under your desk.

17. Add plants!

Anna Malberg / Via

You can never have too many.

18. Add a fuzzy throw for a luxurious touch.

Get a cheap, cozy one here.

19. Play around with the bed framing like these canopies:

Find an industrial canopy bed here or learn how to make a cheaper version here.

20. Get a rug and don't ignore your floors.

Pauliina Salonen

21. Raise your bed onto a bed stand or bed risers.

You can get bed risers for cheap here or learn how you can make your own bed frame with storage space here.