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17 Things For People Who Eat Way Too Many Eggs

Take your egg-sperience to the next level.

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Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

1. This cool cat egg mold.

Bacon's pretty great, but a bacon bowtie?!? This is the classiest way to start your day.

$10, World Market

2. This frog yolk separator.

Hear those egg crooolks.

$13, Amazon

3. These rocking sumo egg cups.

Leggs for days.

$15, Fancy

4. This turquoise rapid egg cooker.

This little guy cooks six eggs by boiling (hard, medium and soft), scrambling, poaching, or turning them into omelets. It's a wonder machine.

$20, Amazon

5. This sleek-looking egg rings.

Ideal for the most baller breakfast sandwich.

$20, Williams-Sonoma

6. These adorably fun animal egg molds.

Press the boiled egg into the mold and let it sit in cold water for 10 minutes. It actually comes out super well!

$2, Amazon

7. This fried egg spatula.

To give yourself eggstra frying power.$10, Amazon

To give yourself eggstra frying power.

$10, Amazon

8. This triple egg non-stick pan.

The best thing about this splendid tool is you can use it to make breakfast sandwiches AND silver dollar pancakes.

$35, Amazon

9. This handyman egg holder with a hammer and spoon.

Ensuring eggcellence every morning.

$18, Amazon

10. This egg slicer and wedge cutter.

This also works for fruits, cheeses, and veggies.

$13, Amazon

11. This skull egg mold if you're really into eating

If you like being eggstremely ghoulish.

$9, Inked Shop

12. These egg poaching boats.

For anyone who has trouble poaching eggs (me), these are for you!

$10.50, Amazon

13. These star and daisy egg molds.

$4.50, Bake Deco

14. This eggsploding holder and toast cutter.

Have fun with your food! That's an order!

$19, Fancy

15. This chirpy little omelet mixer.

Make your eggs in the style of Japanese omelet: super soft and spongy. $50, Japan Trend Shop

Make your eggs in the style of Japanese omelet: super soft and spongy.

$50, Japan Trend Shop

16. This silicone eggman mold.

Eating these eggmen will turn you into an egghead, right?

$7.99, Amazon

17. And, of course, these deliciously cute Gudetama posters to hang on your kitchen walls.

$12.50, Gudetama Shop

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