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28 Incredibly Tasty Foods That Look Like Shit

Close your eyes and open wide.

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We asked members of the Buzzfeed Community to tell us their favorite gross-looking meals. Here are their "tasty" results:

2. A tortilla wrap stuffed with cheese enchiladas, rice, and refried beans.


"Mix it together. Put it in a tortilla. I promise it tastes amazing even though it looks like diarrhea mixed with vomit." —Jennstigator

3. Burritos stuffed with ramen, chili, cheese, hot dogs, and chips.


"My dad worked in a prison and the guys would buy the ingredients from the canteen. He started making them at home. Delicious." —NinaVollmer


4. A carb-loaded dish drenched in marinara sauce.


"I add rice balls to pieces of crusty bread, top it with marinara sauce, and then microwave until it’s all soggy and mixed in together. It tastes so good." —erinnrcarney

5. Cepelinai or didžkukuliai, dumplings made out of potatoes. [link]

"They're filled with ground meat, mushrooms or cheese curds and served with sour cream and bacon. It looks like a pale football topped with watered-down sour cream, but tastes like heaven." —Eli Sullivan

6. Milksteak — steak that's cooked in milk and topped with jelly beans.

"I can't believe I almost forgot about this but the first thing my boyfriend ever cooked me was milksteak, from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I was horrified when he served it to me and I thought I'd throw up. I took one obligatory bite and couldn't stop eating. The milk had tenderized the meat and it was infused with the flavor of the herbs and spices. It was shockingly delicious." —Kylie Glatt


9. Gefilte fish, a Jewish dish of minced fish stuffed in fish skin.


"I absolutely LOVE gefilte fish. It’s a jewish dish that is basically a stuffed fish with the smell of hell and a jelly-like texture, and everyone laughs at me when I eat it, but oh my god it’s delicious." —haleli

10. Rochester Garbage Plate, a platter of home fries, mac salad, burgers, meat, hot sauce, onions, ketchup, and mustard.


"It looks exactly like you think it would, and with the local hot sauce it’s the delicious cure for any hangover!" —k4873409ca


13. If you're especially adventurous, drink coffee with Velveeta cheese and crushed saltine crackers.

"For breakfast sometimes I’ll have a cup of coffee and put in Velveeta cheese and crushed saltines (enough saltines to absorb the coffee but not enough to make it dry). And the coffee has to be hot enough to melt the Velveeta. Oh man. So good. Grab a spoon and eat it up!" —KristinTI


18. Lime jello cottage cheese salad.,

"Something my grandma called elephant snot. It’s cottage cheese, lime jello, whipped cream, crushed pineapple, nuts, and mini marshmallows all mixed together. Sounds gross but it’s SO good!" — sarahh4a49a63f7

19. Laing or ginataang gabi, a dish made of taro and anchovies.


"It may look like veggie vomit or a bad case of diarrhea, but it’s actually delicious! It’s made up of taro tubers and leaves, coconut milk, dried anchovies or meat, and lots of chillies! Mmmmm." —zeib


22. A peanut butter sandwich with bacon, pickles, chips, Cheetos, cheese, Goldfish, and pretty much anything else.


26. Ham and banana sandwiches.

"Growing up, my dad would make breakfast sandwiches that always grossed me out until I tried them: salami, scrambled eggs and bananas. The salty taste of the salami and the sweetness of the banana are really good." —g41215b4f0

28. And lastly, "headcheese," a special kind of meat jello.


"This is a delicious batch of headcheese I made at Christmastime last year. My grandparents used to make it with an actual pig's head, but I use pork hocks and feet. You boil the feet in water, garlic, and spices, strain it, and pour it into containers. Put it in the fridge and voilà!!! You get a delicious 'meat jello' that I put on buttered toast. It's basically pork jello :)" —stephaniep4b78b9fd4