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23 Art Designs That Enraptured Us In 2015

When art gives you shivers.

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12. This portable home that's powered by a built-in wind turbine.

Not only is this pod powered by solar energy and wind energy, it also collects rain on its surface. You can learn more about this nearly self-sustainable pod here.


13. This outdoor sculpture that simultaneously acts like a window and a mirror.

"Sacred Danger," made of Perspex sheets and stainless steel rods, was constructed in South Glamorgan of Wales. Because it reflects its surroundings, it changes significantly over the course of the day, leaving the viewer visually disconcerted. This installation is part one of a two-part experimental and immersive installation. Learn more about Uliana Apatina's work here.

17. This complex but strikingly simple shelving system.

Designed by Alicja Prussakowska, the shelves of this furniture can be moved around freely, transformed according to the user's liking. See more of her gorgeous designs here.


18. These "second skins" that challenge how we see the naked body.

Esmay Wagemans' project is clever way to display her artwork, which frequently features the female body, on social media that censors the female but not the male chest. Her work tackles our perceptions of nudity and the processes in which we sexualize the female body. You can view more of her work here.

20. This outdoor public reading cube built in Toronto.

This story pod, designed by Atelier Kastelic Buffey, also moves as readers move, inviting more light in to encourage more passersby to sit down to read. Learn more about this ingenious idea here.


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