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31 Things That'll Actually Save You From The Cold

The end to all sniffles!

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8. Some merino wool top and bottom layers.

"Wear thermal layers under all your clothes and ski socks in place of normal socks. I prefer merinos rather than polyprops but both are good."


Find a thermal top here and a pair of thermal bottoms here.

12. Either fleece sheets or microplush sheets.

"Fleece sheets. I can use them all year round because they are perfect. No other sheet can come this close to perfection."


"Micro Plush Sheets. They are the best thing ever and they don't make little lint balls like fleece does."


Fleece sheets available here and microplush sheets available here.

14. This heated electric blanket.


"I sleep on top of an electric blanket (it automatically turns itself off after a certain amount of time so it's not a fire hazard) and under my sheets, comforter and other blankets."


Find some toasty coziness here.

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