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    21 Clothing Hacks That Will Save You From Embarrassing Mishaps

    Get a fresh new wardrobe but still save money.

    1. Thread a needle more easily by applying nail polish or hairspray to the thread first.

    2. Avoid sewing and repair tiny holes with liquid adhesive.

    Not perfect, but absolutely passable. Instructions here.

    3. Get rid of that annoying snag by hiding it with this needle and thread trick.

    Sometimes you fuck up and accidentally disturb a thread from its peaceful resting place. You can make it happy again by inserting a threaded needle through the loop of the snag, tying the thread to the snap, and then pulling the needle through to the other side to conceal the snag. See all steps here.

    4. Master this simple technique to mend ripped seams.

    Ten steps. Easy stitches. Totally doable. See here.

    5. Roll up your sleeves before you put it on for a more even look.

    6. Quickly reattach a button by using a paper clip or a twist tie.

    7. Extend your waistline by adding a rubber band to your button.

    8. Make your frumpy shirts instantly look better with this roll tuck.

    9. Fasten a broken zipper using a key ring.

    10. Zip up back zippers efficiently with string and a paper clip or safety pin.

    If the zipper hole is big enough, you don't necessarily need a paper clip or safety pin. Just thread a string or ribbon long enough to reach up to your neck through the zipper hole and pull up.

    Or if you're brave enough, just do what Liz Lemon does:

    11. Remove wrinkles from shirts by hanging them in the bathroom while you take a shower.

    This works pretty quickly when you're getting ready in the morning and you don't have time to iron. Or, if you don't have an iron, you can spray your clothing lightly with water and hang it overnight to dry.

    12. Cut down drying time by wrapping your clothes in a towel and stomping on it to absorb excess moisture.

    13. Get superglue to set faster by adding a drop of water to one piece.

    Superglue is the answer to broken ~soles~. However, you often have to wait a while for the glue to dry. Because water is an accelerator for superglue, it'll help the glue harden in no time (the above GIF shows just how quickly the superglue congeals in the bowl of water).

    14. Use a heated nail to quickly add another hole to your belt.

    Handle the nail with pliers before you heat it up. Once it's hot, direct the pliers to the belt to add the hole. It'll melt right though.

    15. Fall in love with folding all your clothes like this:

    So freaky fast it's almost like witchcraft. See it in full here.

    16. Patch up worn-out soles with a bike repair kit.

    A cheap bike repair kit should have both the adhesive and the patch to prolong the life of your shoe. Instructions here.

    17. Restore your whites to their original state with either Tintex or White Brite.

    18. Use Magic Eraser to make your favorite sneakers bright again.

    Instructions here.

    19. Get stinky odors out of your workout clothes quickly by prewashing or soaking them in vinegar first.

    20. Eliminate shoe odors while you wear them with dryer sheets.

    21. Prevent shoe wear early on by adding metal to the toes and heels of your shoes.

    And of course, you can always pull this trick: