17 Brilliant Things That'll Keep You From Ever Having To Share

    Sharing is caring? As if.

    1. This wine and whiskey bottle lock.

    2. This beach towel.

    3. This boozy lunchbox in disguise.

    4. These essential "vitapens."

    5. This friendly doormat.

    6. This mug that's dead. serious.

    7. This Nutella lock.

    8. This beer stein that holds TWO BEERS.

    9. This crass and totally effective mug.

    10. This shirt that turns into a necessary tool whenever you want.

    11. This dangerous tape dispenser.

    12. This hairbrush flask.

    13. This mug that keeps your cookies safe.

    14. This cookie jar that only wants to haunt your friends.

    15. This briefcase that specializes in carrying beer.

    16. This personalized fridge.

    17. This perfect warning.