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St. Vincent Says She Designed A Guitar With Room For Boobs

With her latest signature guitar, St. Vincent can seriously do no wrong.

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If you don't know who St. Vincent is, she's a total baller at the guitar.

And if anyone had a guitar for an extra limb, it'd be St. Vincent. Like she says in this video interview, "I can't imagine a world where I couldn't play guitar. It would be like losing my best friend."

The guitar, a collaboration with Ernie Ball Music Man, is lightweight and minimalist AF.

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While other female musicians such as Joan Jett and Nancy Wilson have had their own signature guitars, St. Vincent is the first to design her guitar from scratch.


In the interview, St. Vincent mentions, "I'm glad that another guitar exists that is sympathetic to the female form. I'm glad that that exists and I hope that people will enjoy…that men and women will enjoy the ergonomics. But smaller people and women especially."