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21 Underrated Uses For Your Blender

Why make smoothies when you can make fruit leather?

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1. Make nut milks, including almond, cashew, and walnut.

You just need to soak the nuts for a day before blending. Learn the basics of making nut milk from The Kitchn .

In order to make the process even easier, try getting a strainer for $10, and a nut bag for $16 or a cheese cloth for $3.63.


4. Or make classic pesto.

Pesto is the easiest thing to make and the tastiest addition to pasta. The ingredients are also incredibly easy to substitute! Don't have basil? Add kale. Don't have pine nuts? Add walnuts. Learn the fundamentals at The Kitchn.

Store your creations in these mini mason jars ($25).


6. Get drunk on homemade frozen cocktails all summer long.

Learn how to make peach bourbon mule here, a drink that necessitates whimsical gatherings on a veranda.

If you like the look of these cocktails, you can get similar copper mule mugs for $30 and copper straws for $20.

9. Knead all kinds of breads, like this low-carb, healthyish bread.

It takes about a minute to prep. You heard that. ONE MINUTE. Learn how to make this simple sandwich bread from A Clean Bake.

If you can't find the flours the recipe calls for in your grocery store, you can find them online: almond flour for $23 and coconut flour for $11.


10. Combine spices and veggies to make delicious dressings.

This tomatillo-avocado ranch dressing takes five minutes. What are you doing with your life? Get the recipe from Carl's Bad Cravings.

If you don't like dealing with messy avocado hands, try this avocado splitter, cutter, and peeler for $8.

11. Stir up some frothy lattes.

Want that frothy texture without selling your soul to coffee shops? Use a blender.

If you don't know where to buy matcha powder, get it from Amazon for $19 and if you like drinking lattes out of suspiciously large mugs, get a Buddha bowl from Uncommon Goods for $30.


16. Churn together the ingredients for ice cream.

It's summer. You have no excuse not to try making your own ice creams. This avocado recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod starts with blending together the ingredients first, then adding them to an ice cream maker. However, you don't need an ice cream maker. You can easily use frozen bananas and a few other ingredients to make ice cream that's just as good.

If you plan on making the avocado recipe, you'll need an ice cream maker. Get one here for $29.

17. Crumble oats and nuts together to make tasty granola bars.

Too often, store-bought granola bars lack a crucial ingredient. Control exactly what you want by making them yourself (add mostly chocolate). Here's a recipe from Five Heart Home that'll get you started.


19. Finally, compost all that food you didn't eat.

For those who don't have composting readily accessible, there's an easy alternative. As soon as you're done eating, gather the scraps, toss them into a blender, and spread it out in your garden or community garden. Find out more here.

20. EXTRA!! You probably didn't know this, but you can customize your body scrubs with a blender.

It's the summer of "I feel so good in my own skin" so cherish it with DIY scrubs. Here's how to make three scrubs including mango, papaya, and pineapple.

One of the scrubs calls for glycolic acid. You can get it for $18.