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21 Minimalist Products That Might Turn You On


1. This record player.

2. This tray.

3. These lightbulbs.

4. This floor lamp sculpture.

5. This tall pendulum clock.

6. These circle lamps.

7. This tape dispenser.

8. This clothes hanger.

9. This rug.

10. This set of lava plates.

11. This notebook.

12. This mortar and pestle spice grinder.

13. This bedside lamp.

"It's so... *pretty*. I'm feeling...happy."

14. This coat hanger.

15. This pod chair.

16. This table.

It's like your extraterrestrial friend from space.

17. These pendant lights.

18. This vinegar flask.

Or a vessel to drink wine from with the Greek Gods.

19. This LED wall clock.

20. This dinnerware set.

Too pretty to eat on. Perfect to caress your cheeks on.

21. This luminous shadow clock.