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21 Minimalist Products That Might Turn You On


1. This record player.

You'll never scratch this baby.

2. This tray.

The offset is the die for.

3. These lightbulbs.

AAAGH those beaming scribbles.

4. This floor lamp sculpture.

Encapsulated by light, forever you'll stay.

5. This tall pendulum clock.

Ari Kanerva / Via

The only model you want to see on Instagram.

6. These circle lamps.

Catellani & Smith / Via

Hoops that will meditate their way to your soul.

7. This tape dispenser.

FFFfffup. Skktch. Sharp.

8. This clothes hanger.

Spindle your way into this tapestry.

9. This rug.

Donna Griffith / Via

The prettiest patterns to have on your face after you face plant into this dreamy bae.

10. This set of lava plates.

Caterina Moretti Ana Saldaña / Via

Table setting goals.

11. This notebook.

Tan Mavitan / Via

Pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the touch.

12. This mortar and pestle spice grinder.

Immaculate in every way.

13. This bedside lamp.

"It's so... *pretty*. I'm feeling...happy."

14. This coat hanger.


The most frustratingly satisfying asymmetrical gap ever to exist.

15. This pod chair.

Alexander Nettesheim / Via

Pools of black tar to sink in.

16. This table.

Seung Jun Jeong
Seung Jun Jeong

It's like your extraterrestrial friend from space.

17. These pendant lights.

Eden Design / Via

Levers to heaven.

18. This vinegar flask.

Aldo Bakker

Or a vessel to drink wine from with the Greek Gods.

19. This LED wall clock.

Raunak Narang / Via

It's so elegant you could almost time travel through this thing.

20. This dinnerware set.

Too pretty to eat on. Perfect to caress your cheeks on.

21. This luminous shadow clock.

Poetic Lab / Via

Afterglow oh oh.