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35 East Asian Snacks You Can Shamelessly Buy From Amazon

Your perfect snack search will start and stop at Hello Panda.

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3. Every Burger Cookies

The chocolate actually tastes like nutella. Buy cute deliciousness here.


8. Pineapple Cakes

These are the most wonderfully moist shortcakes ever known to wo-man. Gobble 'em here.


9. Choco Pies

Whoever heard of moonpies? Buy here.

11. Strawberry-Chocolate Cone Candies

Straight out of a Miyazaki film. Buy here.

12. Sugar Glazed Rice Crackers

Salt + Sugar = Perfect Combination. Get 'em here.


14. Good Luck Candy

Magical, strawberry-milk sweets. Buy here.

16. Sachima Soft Flour Cakes

So sticky and soft—imagine baklava and pound cake combined. Buy here.


17. Lychee Jelly

Slurp it up here.

19. Chocolate Mushrooms

Have fun while you eat! Get 'em here.


22. Caplico "Ice Cream Cones"

You can take as long as you want to eat this splendid goodie. Buy here.


27. Haw Flakes

What is this strange and delectable tangy fruit? Buy here.


31. Kasugai Gummy Candy

Gummy goo wonder. Try Mango, peach, grape, and watermelon.