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    27 Gifts For People Who Are So Done With Work


    Amy Sefton for Buzzfeed

    1. This succulent zen garden ($45).

    Ease into better mindfulness with this. Get it here.

    2. This encouraging fortune dispenser ($10).

    Just the right amount of sensible optimism. Buy it here.

    3. Or this self-help dispenser ($10).

    Like a magical 8 ball, but better. Get it here.

    4. These USB pig humidifying oil diffusers ($10).

    Soothingly cute. Available here.

    5. These handy folders that actually speak your mind ($4.50).

    Nothing wrong with keeping it real. Available here.

    6. This Yeti lap warmer ($53).

    Good for warming a stressed out heart. Available here.

    7. This soothing pen garden ($15).

    Even if they're stuck inside all day, at least this pen holder bears a resemblance to actual nature. Get it here.

    8. This elbow or wrist cushion for people who use the computer all day ($10).

    A squishy friend to make you smile. Get it here.

    9. This perfect journal to reassure your friends in their tensest moments ($16).

    Available here.

    10. This really lovely office lamp ($135).

    Give the gift of optimal ambiance. Buy it here.

    11. This old school phone set for their smart phone ($30).

    Improve their workstation with a retro touch. Get it here.

    12. This Tabby cat stapler ($15).

    Make their life more fun. Get it here.

    13. This "chuck it" notebook ($15).

    For the wildly optimistic pessimists. Get it here.

    14. These terrarium plant people ($150).

    Real space men to spruce up their desk. Available here.

    15. These vicious crocodile stapler removers ($15).

    If necessary, they can rip out staplers in times of peak frustration. Get it here.

    16. These stress sausages ($11).

    Hey, whatever works, right? Buy it here.

    17. The basketjunk trash can ($35).

    Turns failures into ~goals.~ Buy it here.

    18. A personal cooler for their desk ($50) along with personalized sodas! ($5).

    Fizzy, sweet, de-stressed happiness. Get the cooler here and the personalized sodas here.

    19. These squishy adipose stress toys ($25).

    Smush. Get it here.

    20. This BLAH tape pen ($6).

    The better kind of white-out tape. Get it here.

    21. This restorative neck wrap ($30).

    Wrap them in comfort. Get it here.

    22. Some magical thinking putty that they can slam their face in when they're overwhelmed ($18).

    Get it here.

    23. These super useful notepads ($7).

    Yvette Roman Photography / Via

    "Different crap, same day." Buy them here.

    24. This dictionary desk pillow ($54).

    Makes sleeping at work mildly for acceptable. Get it here.

    25. These grass-shaped pens that'll go with their grass pen holder ($7.50).

    Get them here.

    26. These elephant-shaped humidifiers ($18).

    Adorbs. Available here.

    27. This jellyfish tank that'll spruce up their desk ($250+).

    They'll run to work just to see these everyday. Available here.

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