23 Products That'll Make You Look Smart

    That is, IF you understand them.

    1. This H2O glass.

    2. These glowing radioactive coasters.

    3. This 13x13x13 "speed" cube.

    Users have ranged from solving it in 49 seconds to four hours. What level genius are you? Buy it here.

    4. This rare Earth edition miniature museum.

    5. This laboratory beaker mug.

    6. This three-player chess board.

    7. This literal book bag.

    8. These square soap elements.

    The radioactive ones even glow in the dark. Buy them here.

    9. These classic books stair decals.

    10. This LED mathematical equations clock.

    11. This Sudoku roll of toilet paper.

    12. These brightly reactive chemical crayon labels.

    13. These calculus shot glasses.

    14. This cosmic exploration chart.

    15. This heat-activated particle accelerator mug.

    16. These geometric furniture pieces.

    17. These cerebral coasters.

    18. This periodic ~blanket~ of elements.

    19. These gingerDEAD men cookie cutters.

    For those with scientific, not morbid interests. Buy them here.

    20. These anatomical veins and arteries necklaces.

    An outside look at what really makes you tick. Buy them here.

    21. This levitating wireless computer mouse.

    22. This totally unpretentious periodic elements shirt.

    23. This 3D-printed nuke lamp.