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    23 Products That'll Make You Look Smart

    That is, IF you understand them.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. This H2O glass.

    You don't take the most important molecule in the world lightly. Available here.

    2. These glowing radioactive coasters.

    They'll light up when you place your drink on them. Buy them here.

    3. This 13x13x13 "speed" cube.

    Users have ranged from solving it in 49 seconds to four hours. What level genius are you? Buy it here.

    4. This rare Earth edition miniature museum.

    Displaying the most fascinating phenomena since the beginning of time. Available here.

    5. This laboratory beaker mug.

    Add some galaxy juice to your mug to make it look like you're just casually sipping radioactive materials. Buy it here.

    6. This three-player chess board.

    Tell people it's only challenging for you if you play with yourself...and your other self. You have three times the intelligence. Available here.

    7. This literal book bag.

    It's just heavy with erudition. Buy it here.

    8. These square soap elements.

    The radioactive ones even glow in the dark. Buy them here.

    9. These classic books stair decals.

    Party cleanup hack: Let people go up only as far as they have read. Available here.

    10. This LED mathematical equations clock.

    People say they'll never use math ever again. But they might be wrong. Buy it here.

    11. This Sudoku roll of toilet paper.

    Make it a rule that guests can only use as much as they're able to solve. Under five minutes. HAHAH. Available here.

    12. These brightly reactive chemical crayon labels.

    It's not a color unless you know how it became a color. Available here.

    13. These calculus shot glasses.

    Determine whether or not your ego is a function of your increased inebriation. Get them here.

    14. This cosmic exploration chart.

    Because Earth, quite honestly, is much too limited for your curiosity. Buy it here.

    15. This heat-activated particle accelerator mug.

    For any aspiring fatalistic genius. Get it here.

    16. These geometric furniture pieces.

    If your favorite subject in middle school was geometry, then you're probably an entrepreneurial prodigy. Get them here.

    17. These cerebral coasters.

    Serve everyone your latest ~specimens.~ Get them here.

    18. This periodic ~blanket~ of elements.

    Only if you fall asleep wrapped in science will you truly master the art of alchemy. Get it here.

    19. These gingerDEAD men cookie cutters.

    For those with scientific, not morbid interests. Buy them here.

    20. These anatomical veins and arteries necklaces.

    An outside look at what really makes you tick. Buy them here.

    21. This levitating wireless computer mouse.

    Defy the laws of physics soon.

    22. This totally unpretentious periodic elements shirt.

    Act flabbergasted whenever someone spells it out for you. Buy it here.

    23. This 3D-printed nuke lamp.

    It's lit. Available here.