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23 Times Tumblr Cleverly Explained What Being Genderqueer Means

"Now watch me male, watch me female. Watch me both, both, watch me neither."

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1. This clever reinterpretation of binary signs:

2. This response for when anyone asks:

If I'm both that means I can be ANYTHING.

If I'm both that means I can be ANYTHING.

3. This fresh take on a classic nursery rhyme:

4. This unhelpful example of when your phone tries to help:


5. This illustration that shows what bathroom signs should actually look like:

6. This important distinction:

7. These specific generalizations that make you go whaaaa??

8. This urge to reword...


9. ...which looks something like this:

10. That feeling when:

11. This ongoing struggle of defying gender norms but still falling under the confines of the patriarchy:

12. The perks to living ~stress-free~:


13. The totally acceptable confusion that happens on any given day:

14. This college admissions form that got it right:

15. This perfect metaphor:

16. This boy angel who could:


17. This drawing that shows how exhausting gender performance can be:

18. The power of answering in the affirmative or the negative:

19. This comic that shows what genderfluid might look like to some:

20. This liberating epiphany:


21. This simple explanation of the difference between genderflux and genderfluid:

22. This reminder that you can be confident and comfortable with whoever you choose to be:

23. This comic that shows why weddings can be totally awesome: