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21 Last-Minute Gifts That Are Actually Thoughtful

Being gracious doesn't have to require $$$. The products in this post were updated in May 2018.

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1. Personalize their favorite drinks.

2. Personalize a cutting board for the family member who likes to cook.

For example, you could totally print their favorite recipe.

3. Create a typographical art piece with their favorite quotes.

4. Plan a road trip with them.

5. Or if you've already taken one, hand-stitch that road trip and frame it.

6. Bake them an overwhelmingly large mountain of their favorite foods.

7. Transfer your favorite photo onto a canvas using a few easy steps.

8. You can do this with lamps as well using a similar technique.

9. Make some coasters out of tiles.

10. Agree to embark upon a new life-changing habit or project together.

11. Transform a deck of cards into thankful thoughts or memories.

12. Add some Scrabble tiles to a picture frame to make it super special.

13. Or make some Scrabble coasters that preserve your best inside jokes.

14. Carve out a personalized wax seal.

15. Store some memories in a jar using OLIVE OIL.

16. Also, it never hurts to make giant jars of light for friends who really love twinkle lights.

17. And while this may seem like a way to skimp on gift giving, write them a well-thought-out letter.

18. Construct a personal zen garden that'll help them de-stress whenever.

19. While there's the classic Sharpie on a mug option, here's a unique watercolor method to decorate mugs.

20. Sew a pillow for them out of their favorite (or your fave) T-shirt.

21. Cleverly disguise messages in some fortune cookies.

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