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29 Insanely Efficient Products You Wish Existed

Imagine our potential if we didn't have to unscrew bottle caps.

1. This toaster that toasts your bread and piles it up for you, neatly.

2. Or this toast launcher, because using hands is overrated.

3. This toothbrush that turns into a fountain that'll rinse your mouth.

4. This single-serving butter that has a lid you can use as a butter knife.

5. This gum container that lets you save your gum TWO different ways.

6. This fry holder with a built-in ketchup pocket.

7. These seed containers that make planting seem so much more doable.

8. A drip-catcher coffee mug.

Because getting up to get a napkin to clean your coffee spills is too much work.

9. This self-opening container of milk.

10. This color-scanning, color-adapting pen.

11. This cake pan with a taste-tester portion.

12. This revolutionary "chopoon" utensil.

Even if you're a chopsticks pro, getting those tiny bits of rice is ridic hard.

13. Or this clever cup lid.

Because fries make you real thirsty.

14. This ingeniously easy-to-open bag of chips.

15. This shell-collecting nut bowl.

16. This trash can that helps you tie knots without the gross hassle.

17. This cake cutter and server contraption.

18. This triple-threat utensil set.

19. This dustpan that traps the dust for you.

20. This single-hand bandage dispenser that saves you from opening an actual box.

21. This biodegradable, all-in-one fast-food tray.

22. This two-in-one paint bucket and roller tray.

23. This easily accessible sock package.

24. This beautifully assembled nail box.

25. These squeezable shampoo and soap bottles that stick to the wall.

26. This yogurt container that has a lid that turns into a spoon.

27. This soap package that dissolves in the shower.

28. This no-clutter ladder of cough drops.

29. This mess-free to-go sandwich box.