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    Updated on Nov 24, 2018. Posted on Nov 21, 2015

    17 Perfect Gifts For People Who Can't Seem To Stay Awake

    More ways to nap inconspicuously.

    Amy Sefton for Buzzfeed

    1. This sleep mask–and–earmuffs gizmo that'll help them get better sleep ($55).

    Not sleeping enough is probably the culprit. Get it here.

    2. These pillow-book classics ($13).

    A better way to read before falling asleep, because the book's already a pillow! Choose from Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, or Treasure Island.

    3. These caffeinated lotions and soaps ($21 and $6).

    This way, they can at least start off ~awake.~ Available here and here.

    4. This hoodie neck pillow for sleeping on the commute ($13).

    Since the soap buzz might've already worn off. Buy it here.

    5. Or if they have to drive, this mobile car mattress will let them power-nap right before they walk in ($76).

    Buy it here.

    6. This sweater that'll excuse your friend from snoozing at work ($50).

    7. These caffeinated gum packs (24 packs for $28).

    They deliver caffeine five times as fast as coffee. BuZzZZUZzzuzz. Get them here.

    8. This aromatherapy candle that energizes the mind ($27).

    Featuring a zesty combo of lime and tangerine. Experience "The Awakening" here.

    9. This sleep-wherever-you-want pillow ($25).

    Perfect for cubicles; maybe not so smart for open desks. Available here.

    10. These emoji pillows that'll feign attentiveness for when you're actually sleeping ($30).

    Strap it on to your head and sleep. People will just think you're being facetious. Get them here.

    11. These caffeinated lip balms ($3).

    Whether they'll feel the bite or not, at least their lips won't be chapped. Available here.

    12. This easy weaving loom ($30).

    To help keep them awake but not distract them entirely. Buy it here.

    13. This reclining work station ($107).


    14. This excellent way to ward off rude interruptions during naps ($14).

    Get it here.

    15. This productivity (or nap time) hourglass ($60).

    Twenty-five minutes to zone in on a project, then 25 minutes to snooze. Productivity revolutionized. Buy it here.

    16. This outdoor inflatable lounge sofa ($50).

    This way they can sleep without even making it through the door. Available here.

    17. If all else fails, there's this mouth stretcher that'll 100% keep anyone awake ($91).

    Unless you're really good at sleeping through pain. Get it here.

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