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    Updated on Oct 26, 2018. Posted on Feb 22, 2017

    15 Times The Wendy's Twitter Was The Most Savage

    You are what you eat.

    1. When they reminded you of how single you were:

    2. When they didn't take your threat seriously:

    3. When they only replied back out of pity:

    4. When they refused to listen to your song:

    5. ...and sang another song instead:

    6. When they didn't actually laugh at your joke at all:

    7. When they answered your question with another question:

    8. When they gave valuable life advice:

    9. When they left you hungry and alone:

    10. When they called you out on your confusion:

    11. When they didn't even know who you were:

    12. When they responded to this iconic tagline:

    13. When they asked this logical question:

    14. When they sided with your friends instead of you:

    15. And when they were just plain old sassy:

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