15 Times The Wendy's Twitter Was The Most Savage

    You are what you eat.

    1. When they reminded you of how single you were:

    2. When they didn't take your threat seriously:

    3. When they only replied back out of pity:

    4. When they refused to listen to your song:

    5. ...and sang another song instead:

    6. When they didn't actually laugh at your joke at all:

    7. When they answered your question with another question:

    8. When they gave valuable life advice:

    9. When they left you hungry and alone:

    10. When they called you out on your confusion:

    11. When they didn't even know who you were:

    12. When they responded to this iconic tagline:

    13. When they asked this logical question:

    14. When they sided with your friends instead of you:

    15. And when they were just plain old sassy:

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