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    31 Warm Weather Dresses From Walmart You’ll Want To Reach For Every Day

    The best part about summer = you never have to wear pants.

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    1. A button-down shirt dress that'll turn any ordinary day into something *a little* fancier. It's just as easy as sweats, so why not?

    2. A halter dress to wear on your Caribbean summer vacation. The good news — even if you don't have a getaway planned, this dress is all you need to feel like you're in the tropics. 🌴

    Model wearing short black halter dress with green tropical flower design

    3. An off-the-shoulder dress with a flowy, relaxed fit that you can wear to the beach and out for drinks directly after. This dress goes great with salty hair and sunkissed skin — trust me.

    4. A cut-out dress for something sexy, yet still practical. It kinda looks like a super-cute skirt set, but the bonus is that you don't have to keep track of two articles of clothing to complete the look. Win.

    Model wearing mid-sleeve orange dress with middle cut-out

    5. An empire waist mini dress that's the perfect, breezy lil' number for a picnic, or any other sunny day activities for that matter. And the crotchet band around the waist? Chef's kiss.

    Model wearing light purple mini dress with crotchet middle waist band

    6. An active-wear dress with hidden shorts because there's no reason we can't be stylin' while we're on the move. Especially with this bad boy.

    Model wearing leopard print mini dress

    7. A lace maxi dress for an effortless and elegant look (didn't think those two words could be used in the same sentence, did ya?) that's got ~easy~ summer written all over it.

    Model wearing white lace v-neck maxi dress

    8. A one-shoulder maxi dress in case you wanna ~ keep them on their toes~ with something a lil' funky and colorful. It's summertime, so naturally, you'll need a few maxis in your closet.

    Model wearing one-shoulder orange maxi dress with red bottom

    9. A collared dress to make beautiful summer days spent at the office way more bearable. But don't stop there — you can pretty much wear this anywhere thanks to its versatility that allows you to dress it up or down.

    Model wearing long sleeve, collared mini dress

    10. A polka-dot halter dress that's giving me major Audrey Hepburn vibes...if Audrey Hepburn shopped today. Let's just put it this way — you're going to be the belle of the ball in this baby.

    Model wearing black halter dress with white polka dots

    11. A strapless maxi dress so you can spend all day in the sun without suffering the consequences (aka strappy tan lines that will stay with you for the rest of the summer).

    model wearing black strapless maxi dress

    12. A V-neck checkered dress because we wanna look cute on our picnic but be comfortable and cool while we enjoy our delicious lunch. This lightweight, tiered dress is just the ticket.

    Model wearing v-neck black and white checkered mini dress with white sneakers

    13. A ~ravishing~ floral dress that you can wear to your dressier occasions. It's so elegant, so Hamptons Heiress-esque... Would you believe me if I told you it's made from an incredibly comfy jersey spandex and rayon blend? Psst, it is.

    Model wearing green floral midi dress

    14. A silky sleeveless dress with a loose fit so you're free of any constrictions. No tight sleeves, no bunching waist — it's really about to be a ~carefree~ summer.

    a model wearing the dress in grey with white sneakers

    15. A tunic mini dress that can be worn on its own or used as the *cutest* beach cover-up. And since it can so effortlessly do two things, it is officially deemed a 2-in-1 purchase.

    Model wearing yellow tunic dress

    16. A halter dress because pink + green is one of the best color combos known to man. Do yourself a favor and book that brunch reservation right now — this dress needs a proper debut.

    Model wearing green halter dress with pink floral design

    17. A dainty lil' dress that was meant to be worn under a cherry blossom tree. But you could totally wear it anywhere else — ya know, in case there aren't any cherry blossom trees around.

    18. A hooded sweatshirt dress so you can cozy up after you took an evening dip in the ocean and you're a lil' chilly as the sun sets over the beach. I'm loving the image I'm creating here — I hope you wear this exactly as I intended you to. 😉

    19. A simple bodycon tank dress that's actually not so simple once you give a twirl and reveal the ~subtly~ sexy side cut-outs.

    20. A lemon dress to wear while you serve a nice, cold, glass of homemade lemonade. OK — that's just another scenario I'm envisioning — you don't have to make homemade lemonade to wear this dress; you can totally use some Country Time powder mix. Just as good.

    21. A true T-shirt dress that's literally less effort than your favorite T-shirt — you don't even need to search for a matching pair of shorts.

    a model wearing the pink and orange striped dress

    22. A cover-up dress whose looks are quite deceiving...meaning, no one will know you have a soaked bathing suit underneath when you wear it to happy hour — they'll just be asking you where on Earth you got this gorgeous dress from.

    Model wearing black brown and white vertical striped cover up dress

    23. A ruffled strap high-low dress that's actually a party in the front and business in the back, making it perfect for a very hot girl summer, if you ask me.

    Model wearing light blue high-low dress with white flower detailing

    24. An adorable terry cloth halter dress with an adjustable neck tie because who needs a towel when you have something super trendy like this to throw on after a swim?

    25. A puffed-sleeve eyelet mini dress that's the perfect thing to wear to one of those all-white beach parties. I've never been invited to one of those, but this is definitely what I would wear.

    Model wearing white puffed-sleeve mini dress with high-low hem

    26. A cut-out crochet dress because 1) you need something on the sexier side for the hot girl summer I promised you, and 2) crochet is ~all the rage~ this season.

    27. A vibrant rainbow ruched striped dress that'll automatically guarantee you're having fun no matter what you're doing. Imagine having a bad time in this colorful lil' thing? Impossible.

    28. Speaking of fun...a tie-dye maxi dress because there's nothing more exciting than tie-dye. Not to mention, I just found you the best 4th of July ensemble. You're welcome.

    a model wearing the red, white and blue tie-dye dress

    29. A lace-top maxi dress so you're prepared for all those outdoor summer weddings you were invited to (and that are slowly but surely creeping up on you).

    30. A racerback dress to carry you through the summer whether you're going out-out or just running errands. With its unique hybrid design, the possibilities for this baby are endless.

    a model wearing the black dress with white straps and black and white sneakers

    31. A colorful maxi dress so you can take advantage of summer and wear every color all at once. Added bonus: It can be worn on *or* off the shoulders, depending on the occasion or your mood.

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