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    31 Things You Should Pack For Traveling To Cold Destinations

    Aspen isn't ready for you.

    1. A waterproof belt bag because you'll be weighed down enough as it is with all the layers, and the puffers, and the gloves, and the snow pants — the list goes on. The point is, you definitely don't need to be lugging around a bag — in fact, you probably won't even be able to put your arms completely down by the way your sweater is stuffed into your parka. Do yourself a favor and keep all your necessities neatly on your hip with this roomy (and really cute) fanny pack.

    a reviewer wearing the black bag on their hips

    2. A pair of fleece-lined texting gloves so you can send pics from the top of the mountain without having your fingers suffer even just one second of the cold.

    3. A set of personalized stickers for your snowboard or skis with your info on them in case you misplace your gear. And while I really hope that doesn't happen, it's always better to be prepared for disaster.

    4. A snowball maker that's fun for the whole family for you because you decide to withhold it from your family until the moment the snowball fight breaks out and you have an incredible advantage. For legal reasons, I can't confirm if that's considered "cheating" or not.

    5. A patterned full-body and waterproof FP Movement ski suit so you can live out your '80s ski lodge fantasies as you retro-ly glide down the mountain.

    6. A ski and pole carrier so you can focus on the difficult task of walking in ski boots without dropping your skis and poles in the process — it's already enough work as it is.

    Reviewer using ski and pole carrier to hold skis at ski mountain

    7. A "repel shell" jacket aka a completely waterproof and windproof jacket that's intended for runners with its ultra-sleek design but, would work just as well for a day of building a snowman with your fam.

    a model wearing the jacket in blue

    8. A sherpa-lined infinity scarf to swaddle your neck and/or head as you pose for an Insta photo in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It may be snowing and cold, but you'll feel as warm as a polar bear in front of a fireplace.

    a reviewer wearing the beige scarf

    9. A mini hair tools travel kit that comes with a carrying case because your snow gear will probably take up a lot of space in your suitcase and unfortunately, (I'd put money on it being a huge possibility) there's absolutely no room left for your blow dryer and straightener. Luckily, this godsend of a lil' toolkit has mini versions of these essentials, so you can pack your luggage to the brim and still battle helmet hair.

    10. And, speaking of an overstuffed suitcase, a pack of compression packing cubes that'll free up some space in your bag for something other than your bulky snow pants and ski suits.

    a reviewer photo of the cubes packed into a suitcase

    11. A thermal underwear set to wear under your jeans or snow pants because, as much as we want them to, our normal, everyday leggings and long-sleeve shirt never seem to keep us warm enough in those chillier destinations. Don't make the same mistake again this year — you know they're not going to cut it.

    12. A digital luggage scale because your suitcase might've been okay to board before you left for your trip but you need to account for all the souvenirs (aka, the five pullovers you just had to have) that you acquired on your trip. You know the drill — weigh your suitcase, find out it's 5 pounds over the limit, and transfer all the necessary items to your S.O.'s suitcase. 🙃

    Model holding white digital scale attached to gray luggage

    13. A portable rechargeable hand warmer because we need to go through about ten packs of the old fashioned break 'n' shake warmers to stay satisfied. Plus, this electric pocket heater has *three* heat levels and a large battery capacity so it'll stick with you throughout the whole day.

    Reviewer holding light link electric hand warmer

    14. A long water- and wind-resistant puffer coat that'll keep you warm from your shoulders all the way down to your ankles no matter which winter wonderland you travel to this season.

    Model wearing long black puffer jacket with fur hood, wearing blue top and black pants underneath

    15. A pair of waterproof socks for an extra layer of security that'll keep your toesies nice and dry, even when you step in a pile of snow that is much deeper than you expected.

    16. A bun beanie so you can rock a cute updo for your vacay pics while your head and ears remain toasty. Trust me, you don't wanna look miserable in the pictures commemorating your ski trip but you will with ears that are red and blistered from the cold.

    Model wearing red knit bun beanie

    17. A microwave s'mores maker because your Airbnb might not have a fire pit but it does have a microwave and it wouldn't be a winter trip without some fresh s'mores for dessert (every night). You're on vacation, live a little!

    The s'mores maker holding two s'mores on stove top

    18. A layering turtleneck because a trip to a cold, snowy locale involves a lot of layering and this stretch-knit turtleneck is the perfect foundation with its full coverage, close-fit, and jersey-knit blend.

    Model wearing black turtleneck top with jeans

    19. A travel-size tube of Body Glide anti-chafe balm so you can go for a few runs down the mountain without being slowed down by chafing caused by your long johns rubbing you the wrong way.

    a reviewer holding the pink balm

    20. A pair of heated gloves in case you weren't already convinced we're living in the future — these gloves are proof. They have a thin design that allows for layering but will keep you perfectly warm on their own with up to seven hours of battery life. I know, we thought there'd be flying cars by now but tbh, these are just as impressive.

    21. A travel pillow that actually has neck support, unlike like your typical U-shaped travel pillow. Not only that, but it's half the size, adjustable, and holds the head and neck with a better ergonomic design, preventing stiff muscles and soreness.

    a reviewer using the neck pillow on a plane

    22. A pom-pom "handy" hat with a discreet interior pocket so you can hold your ID, credit cards, money, or lift pass right beside your noggin. Has your mom ever said to you "you'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on?" Well, they were right about one thing — you're not likely to lose your head so in turn, this hat ensures you likely won't lose anything else.

    23. But just to be safe, you should probably also get a Tile starter pack for when you're not wearing your hat. The set includes a Tile slim for your wallet and a Tile keychain to attach to your room key or passport book. Losing your wallet is one thing — but losing it on a ski mountain where the powder is blowing every 10 minutes and burying it further and further into the depths of a snowy abyss? An absolute nightmare.

    the tile slim in a wallet and the tile keychain on a set of keys

    24. A pair of flannel pajama joggers because I can't envision anything better than curling up by the fire and wearing these after a long day on the slopes or exploring a snowy city. And if you wanna get into full-on cozy mode, then pick up the matching top while you're at it.

    a model wearing the green plaid PJ pants

    25. A portable mini heater in case you're always cold and all the blankets your cabin has to offer couldn't even begin to keep you warm. One reviewer also used it for their camper trailer!

    a reviewer photo of a hand holding the small heater

    26. A pair of weatherproof boots with a sherpa cuff and plush lining for an extra layer of warmth, so you don't have to double up on socks when you're walkin' in a winter wonderland.

    Tan boots with black front and sherpa upper lining on the dock in front of a lake

    27. A pair of waffle leggings that are the perfect thing to wear on travel day, under your snow pants, to bed, to breakfast at the lodge — come to think of it, you should probably get a few pairs and bring them all with you.

    Model wearing dark green waffle leggings

    28. A road trip activity book to keep your kiddies occupied on your long drive to the mountain. They're usually okay for the first two hours of the trip but that third hour (where there's no cell signal) is rapidly approaching and just the thought of hearing the question "Are we there yet?" is sending shivers down your spine.

    29. A waterproof leopard print snowsuit that'll give you that extra boost of confidence you need to finally tackle the black diamond this year. Remember, anything is possible when you're wearing leopard print and feeling fierce. Go get em' tiger...uh, I mean leopard?

    Model wearing leopard snowsuit with green beanie

    30. A pack of Advil travel bottles because — listen — I'm not saying you're rusty on the slopes, but there's *probably* a good chance you'll be a *tad* bit sore after a day of skiing, eh? Am I right?

    31. A roll-up sled if your car barely has room for your family let alone a sled. Trust me, the sad puppy-eyed look (or tantrum) you'll receive from your kids when you tell them they can't bring a sled on the trip isn't worth it — just buy this.

    Child going down snowy hill with flexible blue roll-up sled

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