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    Just A Few Things Worth Splurging On During Wayfair's Cyber Monday Sale

    Cyber Monday...the one day of the year you have to make an online purchase.

    Okay, whose home is in desperate need of a glow-up? You're in luck — Wayfair's Cyber Monday sale is here with up to 80% off! New chairs, new bed, new couch, new lighting, new year, new you, new EVERYTHING. Because the fun never ends and naturally, here at BuzzFeed, we love a good sale. So let's get into it, shall we?

    Here are just some of the products you can get during Wayfair's Cyber Monday sale that'll turn your home from drab to *fab*:

    1. A tufted, upholstered bed frame so you can wake up every morning feeling like royalty. It's giving me major Princess and the Pea vibes and yes royalty can live in a one-bedroom apartment.

    Beige tufted bed frame with headboard, white bedding

    2. A round wall mirror that'll give any room the illusion of space. We're going for extreme home glow-up here and although we can't magically make our home bigger, this kinda does the trick.

    Black framed round mirror above white console table

    3. A gel memory foam mattress so you can start off the new year with a good night's sleep. Bye back pain, you're sooo 2021. ✌

    White gel memory foam mattress on wooden bed frame with beige headboard, blue and gray pillow on top

    4. A solid wood coffee table for a rustic, antique look, with a lil' modern, farmhouse twist thanks to its X-shaped, flared legs. What does that mean, you ask? It means it'll pretty much fit in with any existing decor. Universal coffee table thangzzz. 😎

    Wooden coffee table in living room with books on table top, vases and wooden bowl in lower level shelf

    5. An incredibly soft, cushioned rocking chair for my fellow fidgeters out there. We're gonna have some trouble getting out of this bad boy. Oh, well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Light beige cushioned rocking chair glider, with wooden rocking base

    6. A set of high bar chairs that'll have your kitchen lookin' like a trendy gastropub.

    Two blue bar stools with light wooden flared legs around white table

    7. A KitchenAid stand mixer to elevate your holiday baking game. Plus, it comes in a ton of fun colors so you won't mind it sittin' pretty on your countertop.

    Turquoise kitchen aid stand mixer next to cupcakes on white counter

    8. A modern area rug that is unique enough to stand out but understated enough to mesh with virtually any existing color palette. People will think that you switched careers and became an interior designer when they see this on your floor.

    9. A pet crate that looks nothing like your standard, eyesore of a crate. At first glance, it just looks like a stylish and functional end table.

    10. A nightstand because quite frankly, we're sick of getting out of bed after we've gotten all cozy. It has two drawers so it'll hold anything you might ever need at your bedside (aka water, books and midnight snacks).

    Double drawer white end table with dish, plant and vase on top

    11. An upholstered headboard for a simple addition to your bedroom that'll instantly pack a huge, decorative punch.

    Beige upholstered headboard behind bed

    12. A gorgeous seven (!!!) drawer dresser because the only thing we love more than ample storage is a beautiful piece of furniture that offers said storage. Stylish and functional — say it again and again and again.

    Acorn colored wooden dresser with seven drawers, vase, dish, book on top, geometric picture behind dresser, gold floor lamp on right side, brown backpack on left side floor

    13. An extremely elegant yet simple gothic-inspired chandelier that'll make any house feel like a home (and a fancy one, at that!).

    Black 6 light chandelier hanging over beige couch in living room

    14. A rustic farmhouse-style TV stand with sliding barn doors that'll hide all your unsightly-but-necessary chords, consoles and DVDs (that you refuse to get rid of).

    Brown farmhouse style TV stand, barn doors open to reveal two inner shelves with console, books, and basket, books, candles and vase on top, TV above stand

    15. A super comfortable futon mattress that'll come in handy for those surprise guests — especially if you don't have a guest room. Unlike your typical futon, this one is made of memory foam. Let's just say, you're guests might never leave.

    16. An upholstered cushioned barstool so you pretty much get all the benefits of eating on the couch without actually eating on the couch.

    Gray upholstered cushioned bar stool with wooden legs

    17. A rustic solid wood console table to keep by your front door as a catchall for your mail, keys, and other miscellaneous items. You can *also* use it as an eye-catching display for your tchotchke collection in a room that's lacking decor. The console table ladies and gentlemen — one of our favorite, most versatile pieces of furniture. 👏👏👏

    Wooden console table with books, candle holder, and basket on bottom shelf, books and two lamps on tabletop

    18. A low-profile bed frame with a floating design that'll give your bedroom a dreamy, modern makeover and eliminate the need for end tables since it has attached nightstands. Which is like, the coolest thing I've seen in a while.

    Low profile dark wooden bedframe with white headboard, attached nightstands with vase and alarm clock on left, books and decorative piece on right.

    19. A Jack and Jill bathroom vanity so you no longer have to throw elbows at your family members, roommates or S/Os just to brush your teeth.

    Gray double bathroom vanity with two round mirrors above it

    20. And a large, industrial-style vanity mirror because forget fighting over the bathroom sink, the fight over access to the mirror is much, much more brutal.

    Large rectangular wooden vanity mirror over light wood double vanity

    21. A dimmable vanity light that'll complete your bathroom's makeover and be easy on your sleepy eyes in the morning. Pair it with some Edison bulbs and your design aesthetic will be even more on point.

    Three piece vanity light over mirror

    22. A 3-in-1 convertible crib because children are expensive enough. It'll grow with your baby — transforming from a crib to a toddler bed to a daybed — so you don't have to buy new furniture every two years.

    the natural wood crib with geometric sheets

    And there you have it! Some solid ideas on how to transform your entire home with Wayfair's Cyber Monday Early Access sale. Shop the sale now and start off 2022 (or end 2021) in the home of your dreams!

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