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    30 Things From Wayfair To Upgrade Your Bedroom Situation That Don't Cost Much Money

    Yes, you actually can afford a complete bedroom makeover.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tufted upholstered headboard that'll instantly turn your bedroom from drab to fab. I'm talking one purchase, a total new high-end look.

    2. A woven pouf to really enhance that boho look you're going for. It's a charming lil' visual addition to your bedroom on its own, but will really win your affection by being the most perfect, coziest footrest/ additional seating.

    3. A faux fur throw blanket that'll add some dimension to your bed, chair, or bench and ensure you get the maximum coziness out of your binge-watching sessions. If you're not snug as a bug, you're not doing it right.

    Light gray faux fur throw blanket on bed

    4. A set of dimmable LED fairy lights because lighting has the ability to completely transform an entire room with a simple, little twinkle. Ambience, ambience, ✨ a m b i e n c e

    Fairy lights hanging over window behind bed

    5. A crystal drawer knob that'll really dress up your space — it'll eliminate the need to buy a whole new dresser (sounds expensive) and add a subtle hint of glitz that'll make a huge difference. ✨

    Crystal knob with silver hardware

    6. A large faux palm plant because a little greenery will add a whole lot of liveliness to your space. This is especially useful for those of us with anti-green thumbs, because there is *zero* chance of it wilting — you'll never have to experience the disappointment/shame of letting a plant die ever again, which is honestly priceless.

    the faux plant

    7. A two-drawer nightstand to neatly organize all your bedside must-haves. It also has an open cubby for additional storage and a grommet hole for your charging cables, so you can say goodbye to the unsightliness of jumbled wires hanging all over the place. We make enough messes on our own, none of us need any help in that department.

    Wooden nightstand with lamp and alarm clock on it next to bed

    8. A beautifully unique sunflower-shaped throw pillow because your bedroom should be like you — yes, that's right, I'm calling you beautifully unique. 😉

    9. A mirrored jewelry storage armoire so you can relish the cute clothes and accessories you were able to purchase by saving all that money on furniture. A mirror that opens the room up + space to actually organize your jewelry = priceless.

    10. A pair of room darkening curtains in case your room is on the east side of your house and the sun has a cruel habit of waking you up before your alarm...especially on the weekends 😩. And these curtains aren't just functional — they'll add elegance to your space.

    11. A 10-piece gallery wall frame set to fill the blank wall behind your bed with your favorite family photos, posters and art prints, in chic beveled wood style.

    Brown frames on wall surrounding round mirror

    12. A velvet butterfly rocking chair for my fellow fidgeters/insomniacs. As it turns out, spending every waking second in your bed is detrimental to your sleep — total bummer, I know. But luckily, the solution is a comfy, relaxing chair. Do all your non-sleep lounging from here and trust me when I tell you, the difference is life changing.

    Forest green velvet rocking chair

    13. A bedside lamp with a glass jar-shaped base and a drum shade that's stylish enough to give your space an upgrade, yet simple enough to blend in with almost any existing decor.

    Clear glass base lamp with beige shade on wooden table

    14. A microfiber reversible quilt set because duvets are way too much of a hassle and comforters have us waking up in an uncomfortable sweat, cursing the day we bought it. This lightweight quilt won't overheat you, and its chic raw edge finish will make your room look more sophisticated.

    15. A roll of exposed brick peel-and-stick wallpaper to create an accent wall in your room that'll look straight out of an NYC loft apartment.

    Brick wallpaper on kitchen wall

    16. A macrame tapestry because maybe you don't want to commit to wallpaper (even the peel-and-stick kind) and the thought of hanging up framed photos sends shivers down your spine...but still, that blank wall in your room is still bugging you. This knotted wonder, made of cotton yarn, will fix that.

    Macrame wall tapestry hanging over yellow bed

    17. A full-length, arched top floor mirror so you can open up your room, making it seem brighter and bigger, and you can plan your outfits with ease and then post a cute #OOTD mirror pic. Go offffff.

    White floor mirror in room next to desk

    18. A pair of dimmable, color-changing LED light bulbs that are controlled via app or the smart home system of your choice, because the only thing better than changing the lighting to fit your mood is doing so without moving a muscle...and let's be real, your phone is probably already in your hand.

    19. A satin pillowcase because a simple touch of satin is oh-so-luxurious when it comes to decor. Plus, it will help prevent hair breakage and pillow creases on your skin while you sleep, ensuring that all the hard work you put into your skin and hair routine isn't put to waste the second your head hits the pillow.

    pink satin pillows on bed

    20. A platform bed to solve your bedroom's style and storage problems in one go. It has four extra large drawers that might just help you skip buying a dresser, and adds a rustic-industrial vibe with its iron and kiln-dried wood construction, in case your room is in need of a major ~decorative touch.~

    Wooden platform bed with gray guilt on it

    21. A velvet swivel desk chair because your workstation shouldn't take away from your room's overall aesthetic. Leave the cold metal rolling chair for the cubicle — when we work from home, we work in style.

    22. A shag area rug to cozy up your space and really tie the room together. Just ask The Big Lebowski — he'll vouch for all the difference an area rug can make.

    23. A ladder desk because who doesn't love additional shelving? But the best part about it is that it looks nothing like your ordinary desk (a necessary evil for my WFH folks) and its rustic-industrial vibes and helpful shelving will actually add to your bedroom's aesthetic instead of taking away from it.

    Wooden leaning ladder desk with black desk chair in front of it

    24. An illuminated makeup vanity with a stool so you finally have the perfect place to practice all those saved YouTube tutorials.

    25. A set of three floating shelves that'll give your room some character and allow you to incorporate your decorative knickknacks without cluttering your space.

    26. And speaking of upholstered storage bench for the foot of your bed, so you can tow away extra blankets, pillows, or any other miscellaneous items that you absolutely need but don't know how or where to store. And unlike an under-bed storage tub, this contemporary bench adds something to your room's aesthetic.

    Beige upholstered storage bench at foot of bed

    27. A decorative jewelry organizer so your precious jewels get the attention (and organization) that they rightfully deserve. This mesh and wood piece not only solves your storage problems, with 16 hooks and special slots for rings and stud earrings — it actually turns your favorite necklaces and dangly earrings into a part of your decor. Absolutely genius, if you ask me.

    28. A column floor light for some extra lighting and some extra shelving for decorations, frames, and plants. Finally, an item that will brighten up and clean up your room, all at once!

    White floor lamp with shelving next to purple chair

    29. A dresser with nine (!!!) fabric drawers, because the standard six-drawer dressers are simply unfit to keep up with our online-shopping impulses. Nothing upgrades your room like actually cleaning it up, right?

    Gray and black fabric drawer dresser

    30. An open armoire so you can organize your shoes and plan your outfits without making a complete mess of the place. No more shoes strewn about your floor with these nine shoe cubbies, and definitely no more throwing tomorrow's outfit on the chair you haven't been able to sit in for weeks (because you turned it into a laundry basket). Organization is always the ultimate upgrade.

    White armoire in bedroom

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