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    30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Prove You Don’t Need To Move To Get Your Dream Home

    Close the Zillow app. I repeat. Close. The. Zillow. App.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tufted upholstered headboard that'll instantly turn your bedroom from drab to fab. I'm talking one purchase, a total new high-end look.

    2. A large faux palm plant because a little greenery will add a whole lot of liveliness to your space. This is especially useful for those of us with anti-green thumbs, because there is *zero* chance of it wilting — you'll never have to experience the disappointment/shame of letting a plant die ever again, which is honestly priceless.

    the faux plant

    3. A 10-piece gallery wall frame set to fill the blank, boring walls in your home with your favorite family photos, posters, and art prints, in chic beveled wood style.

    Brown frames on wall surrounding round mirror

    4. A set of dimmable LED string lights because lighting has the ability to completely transform an entire room with a simple, little twinkle. Ambience, ambience, ✨ a m b i e n c e

    Fairy lights hanging over window behind bed

    5. A pair of MCM-inspired, Eiffel-style high bar stool bucket chairs that'll have your kitchen lookin' like a trendy gastropub.

    6. A platform bed to solve your bedroom's style and storage problems in one go. It has four extra large drawers in case your room is too small for a dresser, and adds a rustic-industrial vibe with its iron and kiln-dried wood construction, in case your room is in need of a major ~decorative touch~.

    Wooden platform bed with gray guilt on it

    7. A set of six remote controlled stick-on LED lights because those kitchens with built-in under-the-cabinet lights have us seething with envy. Well, if you can't beat em', join em', and if you can't join em'...there's a loophole. Oh, and these are color-changing (which the built-in ones probably aren't), so take that!

    8. A roll of exposed brick peel-and-stick wallpaper to create an accent wall that looks straight out of an NYC loft apartment.

    Brick wallpaper on kitchen wall

    9. An affordable, colorful velvet loveseat in case you're tight on space (or cash). You deserve a luxurious spot to rest, even on a not-so-luxurious budget. Plus, it's truly a wonder what a burst of bright colors can do to your home!

    10. A kitchen sink with a full-service prep station that'll have you feeling like a professional chef — without having to pay the professional price, of course. It not only makes your life easier with its cutting board and drying rack attachments, but it'll also make your kitchen look like it's straight out of a Williams-Sonoma catalog. Yes, YOUR kitchen. Didn't think it was possible, did you?

    11. A room divider to trick you into thinking your studio apartment is actually a one bedroom. Ugh, if only.

    the divider

    12. A round wall mirror that'll give any room the illusion of being larger and brighter — because we can't magically make our home bigger, but this kinda does the trick.

    the mirror

    13. A sliding pot organizing rack so you never have to hear the sound of all your pots falling out of your cabinet ever again (worse than nails on a chalkboard, truly). Mount this in your cabinet with the included hardware, and you'll no longer curse the day you bought/rented a house with such frustrating cabinet space.

    14. A kitchen island that will instantly upgrade your cooking space by providing functionality and extra seating. A simple addition that looks like a complete renovation.

    15. A set of 10 peel & stick tiles for your kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, laundry room — you name it. However you decide to use them, these things are for certain: You don't need to break out the sledgehammer, you don't need to call a contractor, and you do not need to cry over pictures of your dream kitchen on Pinterest any longer.

    16. An electric wall-mounted fireplace because as the cold weather approaches, we wish we had a cozy fire to gather around (or we wish we didn't renew our lease and could hunt around for a new apartment with a fireplace). Well, we're putting our foot down: This winter will be different.

    17. A hall tree with cubbies in case you don't have an entryway closet and can no longer bear to look at the ever-growing pile of shoes next to your front door.

    18. An Art Deco-inspired bar cart because making a tasteful and decorative display out of our spirits is a sneaky way of solving our crowded wine cabinet problems.

    the cart in gold

    19. A set of 10 brushed metal knobs that'll give you a whole new look without having to buy new cabinets or transfer all your clothes to a new dresser. We can't be bothered.

    20. A Jack and Jill bathroom vanity set so you no longer have to throw elbows at your family members, roommates or S.O.s just to brush your teeth.

    White jack and jill bathroom vanity

    21. An extremely elegant yet simple gothic-inspired chandelier that'll make any house feel like a home (and a fancy one, at that!).

    Black chandelier hanging from ceiling

    22. A handheld deep carpet cleaner in case your carpet has been through it, and instead of even trying to tackle the problem, you've decided you'd be better off packing up all your things and kissing your security deposit goodbye. I know it's overwhelming, but...there's hope. This bad boy uses a combination of suction and scrubbing with Bissell's ~specially formulated~ cleaning solution to easily lift stains on even the toughest types of upholstery and hard-to-reach places.

    23. A globe flush mount light because the standard flush mount lights that come in most apartments are...well, unwelcoming and sterile (to say the least). But, a glass pendant light with an Edison bulb? It ticks all the boxes: homey, warm, stylish, etc., etc.

    Glass globe flush mount light on ceiling in front of window

    24. An open armoire that'll act as another closet, which we could all use. I'm not sure I know one person IRL who has ample closet space. But besides that, it's a great way to organize and plan your outfits without making a complete mess of the place. No more shoes strewn about your floor with these nine shoe cubbies, and definitely no more throwing tomorrow's outfit on the chair you haven't been able to sit in for weeks (because you turned it into a laundry basket). Organization is always the ultimate upgrade.

    White armoire in bedroom

    25. A large vanity mirror because forget fighting over the bathroom sink; the fight over access to the mirror is much, much more brutal.

    Large rectangular black finished mirror over white bathroom vanity/sink

    26. A kitchen pantry for my snackers who are wrongfully deprived of snack storage space. You don't have to choose between the necessary canned goods and your favorite bag of chips — you'll have room for both. Plus, it also has a cubby for your microwave (as someone who lives in a teeny studio, I know just how important that is). Who can relate? 😩

    27. A portable dishwasher because unfortunately, apartments aren't required by law to have one already built-in. Injustice at its finest, but we will persevere. Oh, and it gets even better — you don't have to attach it to a water source, thanks to its five-liter water tank!

    White portable dishwasher and its multiple components including baskets and hoses

    28. A pair of room darkening curtains in case your room is on the east side of your house and the sun has a cruel habit of waking you up before your alarm...especially on the weekends. 😩

    29. A swiveling, tilting, and extendable TV wall mount so you don't have to contort your neck in order to watch your favorite show. It's perfect for rooms with minimal floor space and no room for a television console!

    the mounted tv

    30. A horizontal shed because your backyard will look a lot bigger without clutter. Shovels, tools, sports gear, you name it — throw it in the shed. You'll have an easier time finding it the next time you need it, your yard will look better, and you'll never again suffer the horror of finding that your soccer ball somehow got covered in...crud lying out in your yard.

    the shed

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