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    20 Things From Target That’ll Stylishly Reset Your Winter Wardrobe

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the cure to a bad case of the winter wardrobe blues.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A mock-neck T-shirt Goldilocks would probs rank "just right." It covers your neck, just enough to keep you warm, yet, not enough to suffocate you — like somebody we know (I'm talking to YOU, turtleneck) and has elbow-length sleeves to still keep you cool in your ridiculously overheated office.

    model wearing the top in rose

    2. An oversized button-down boyfriend shirt so you can stop stealing your S.O.'s shirt and rock the Risky Business look without any help. Plus, I'm sure your love will be pleased that you *finally* got your own button-down... but whatever this isn't about them.

    model wearing beige and white pinstriped oversized boyfriend shirt with red pants

    3. "Liquid" leggings that are basically a life and style hack — they're as comfortable as a pair of joggers but have the look of sleek, leather pants. A *lifestyle* hack, if you will.

    model wearing black leather leggings with light orange crop top

    4. A pair of overalls because they're seasonally universal. You can wear them with your favorite sweater on a cold winter's day and then make the *smoothest* transition to spring by wearing them with a cute lil' crop top. One less item to pack away while rotating our closet — we're sold.

    model wearing lightwash denim overalls with orange t-shirt

    5. A lace-up knit blouse that Target *officially* deems "cozy" (seriously, it's in the name). I know, so weird, how could something this cozy be this cute? So appropriate for a night out but at the same time, perfect for a lazy day lounging on the couch? Truly, a wonder to this world. I'm getting one in every color.

    model wearing green lace-up blouse with blue jeans

    6. A pair of flared high-waisted leggings because they fall under our favorite category of clothing — terribly comfortable but also terribly cute (a reoccurring theme in this list, yes I know). Wear them to bed? Sure. Wear them to dinner? Absolutely. Wear them every day? Definitely.

    Model wearing red flare leggings with purple shirt and black denim jacket

    7. A cropped pullover so you can stay both comfortable *and* on trend. Yes, this seemingly plain sweatshirt, somehow defying the laws of science, is incredibly stylish.

    Model wearing brown cropped pullover with green skirt, holding red purse

    8. A pair of plaid tights for an understated touch to your outfit that'll make a huge difference in your leg warmth and look.

    model wearing black sheer plaid patterned tights

    9. A ribbed beanie to protect your noggin from the cold and your always ~flawless~ hair's reputation from wash day. You can't be perfect all the time... or can you?

    bright yellow ribbed beanie

    10. Velour flare pants so you can pay homage to the beloved, Y2k style you were raised on. Need these!!!

    Model wearing purple velour pants with gray shirt, black jacket, and pink beanie

    11. A puffer jacket that is — to put it simply — the physical embodiment of winter. The only exciting thing about the cold months rolling in is the fact that you can break your puffer collection out of its hibernation. Add this to your rotation for even more style.

    12. A satin pajama set because being a style icon (such as yourself) is a 24/7 kind of thing which means, you'll need to be stylin' even in your sleep.

    model wearing black and white satin pajama set with top and shorts

    13. A cozy knit sweater that goes great with a cup of hot cocoa on a snow day. See, winter's really not that bad after all.

    Model wearing periwinkle knit sweater

    14. A ruched, open-back, velvet dress because if there were ever a time to wear velvet it's NOW!! And if you're not wearing velvet, you're not doing the months of January to March right, my friend.

    15. Slouchy socks that'll look really cute sneaking out of your ankle boots and of course, keep your little tootsies warm — style comes first though, obviously.

    Pink slouchy sock

    16. A mock-neck tank body suit because it's the easiest article of clothing your wardrobe can have and goes with anything from sweats to a denim skirt. Pro tip: Buy *multiple* because you're going to be in sheer panic when your trusty bodysuit is in the laundry.

    model wearing the body suit in black

    17. A flowy velvet wrap skirt that's got Valentine's Day written allll over it. And, just so you know, Valentine's Day attire doesn't require a date or a significant other. No, love is a beautiful skirt that makes you feel like a million bucks.

    model wearing burgundy velvet wrap skirt with black top and red heels

    18. An oversized tee with the dreamy look and feel of a vintage shirt minus the nightmarish vintage price tag. Don't even get me started on overpriced vintage clothing — I could write a whole essay listing my grievances, but you're not here for that, so I'll spare you.

    Model wearing oversized tee half white half purple

    19. A slip dress because it's extremely versatile. Wear it over a button-down for a ~business caj~ look or under your favorite oversized tee (^^^) for a look that says "I'm pretty much too cool to care, but look at how stylish I am, anyway."

    Model wearing black slip dress with black booties

    20. A midi skirt to wear all year round — it covers your legs in the winter but goes great with a tank or crop top in the warmer months — one thing's for sure, it always keeps you lookin' cute.

    Model wearing pink and white floral midi skirt with white crop top

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