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    31 Stylish Things From Free People That Are Basically Compliment Magnets

    "Look at that outfit" –everybody to you

    1. A hooded kimono that's going to make everyone sooo jealous when they see you basically snuggled up in a comfy blanket everywhere you go. A *stylish* comfy blanket, that is.

    2. A slouchy blazer so you can be the trendiest one back at the office.

    3. A pair of brightly patterned flare jeans that'll garner the same reaction as seeing a beautiful butterfly in the wild.

    4. A wool beret so you can channel your inner artíst and elevate your entire look in an instant.

    Model wearing navy blue wool beret

    5. A knit mini dress with a drawstring waist and back cutout detail that'll fill your compliment meter well into winter.

    6. A pair of wide-leg jeans to nail the small-top-baggy-pants look with ease.

    Model wearing light wash ripped wide-leg jeans

    7. A stunning silk bodysuit because everyone deserves to feel like an absolute diva.

    Muted purple silk bodysuit with red lace detailing

    8. A square-neck ribbed onesie that'll have you eager to go to your workout class, just so you can show off your new fit.

    9. A pair of knee-length boots so no matter where you're going, you can make a show-stopping entrance.

    Model wearing white knee-length boots with brown heel and sole

    10. A one-shoulder patchwork top for a unique alternative to your average long-sleeve tee. This and a pair of baggy jeans? Perfect.

    Model wearing yellow and green one-sleeve long sleeve tank

    11. A button-up mini dress so you can be the best dressed, no matter the occasion. Wear it to dinner with a pair of boots or wear it with your favorite sneakers to run errands. And yes, grocery shopping is an occasion for a fashionista.

    Model wearing long sleeve button up blue dress

    12. A colorful hair clip that'll trick everyone into thinking you're having a good hair day (when in actuality, you just jumped out of bed).

    Model wearing purple jaw clip in hair

    13. A gorgeous suede cross-body bag to brighten up any outfit.

    Model wearing blue suede cross body bag

    14. Floral patterned workout leggings that'll transform your run into a straight-up fashion show.

    Model wearing red leggings with blue floral design and matching top

    15. And a sports bra to go with your new workout leggings, because nothing turns necks like a cute matching set.

    Model wearing red sports top with blue floral design

    16. A pair of super-high rise flare pants with a lace-up back that are pretty much all you need to be the most stylish one in the room.

    17. A midi skirt with an elastic waist and a front slit, so you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds.

    Model wearing ribbed blue midi skirt with bottom slit

    18. A patterned hat because the power of the bucket hat remains undefeated. Seriously, you could wear one with a brown paper bag and I'd still love your outfit.

    19. A pair of flare jeans with metallic lightning bolt appliques across the back that are bound to make a thunderous statement. Ba-dum-cha!

    20. A glamorous bedjacket-style velvet cardigan because you are a rock star. It's time to start dressing like one!

    Model wearing bronze colored velvet cardigan with jeans

    21. Patterned tights so you can be bold in the cold. Wear them with your favorite boots and mini skirt, and you'll easily be the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

    Red, grey, purple and green checkered patterned tights

    22. And a pleated mini skirt with a raw edge hem, in case you needed something to go with those tights. ;)

    Model wearing black pleated skirt

    23. A pair of oversized sunglasses for a movie star look that's sure to get a standing ovation.

    the sunglasses

    24. Chunky ankle boots because nothing *screams* cool better than a pair of platforms.

    Model wearing back platform ankle boots

    25. A slouchy off-the-shoulder thermal for the most stylin' care-free look known to man. Look at you, so effortlessly chic.

    Model wearing rust colored off the shoulder top with tan pants and black belt

    26. A checkered cardigan-and-mini set that'll have you looking anything but clueless when it comes to fashion.

    the set in pink

    27. A funky thermal top with just the right amount of embroidered detail to make any outfit simply fab.

    Model wearing black thermal top with colored detailing down the sleeve and around cuff

    28. A set of dangling beaded earrings because the attention is always in the details.

    29. A knotted velvet scrunchie that turns any messy hairdo into a fashion statement.

    Model wearing messy bun with pink knotted velvet scrunchie

    30. A sweater-and-shorts set for the in-between days of summer and fall. You already know how I feel about matching sets by now...nothing like 'em.

    Model wearing burnt orange button-down sweater with matching shorts and orange bralette

    31. A pair of embroidered floral joggers because nothing gets you more style points than making even your coziest outfit fashionable.

    Model wearing gray joggers with embroidered flower design down the leg

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