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    15 Storage Containers From Amazon For Basically Every Type Of Food

    Keep your food fresher longer...because I know you're not cooking that entire grocery haul within the next week.

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    1. A 24-pack of airtight dry food containers so your pantry can look like Khloe Kardashian's.

    Food storage containers in pantry

    2. An avocado-half container because sometimes (most of the time, in fact), we just need one half of the avocado...but then...what do ya the time you need the other half, it has turned brown. Tainted. Never to be used again. Well, not anymore — we're putting our foot down!

    Half of an avocado next to open avocado container

    3. A set of reusable silicone baggies that'll have you patting yourself on the back for reducing plastic waste and saving some money.

    Different size blue silicone baggies with bread in the front baggie

    4. A berry box with a leakproof lid and colander attachment, so you can keep your washed berries dry and fresh. Finally, you can officially enjoy your raspberries for more than one day before they go all mushy. Score.

    Strawberries and yellow tomatoes in berry box storage container

    5. A set of leak-proof storage containers to save you from cleaning your fridge any more often than you absolutely have to.

    Plastic food storage containers in fridge with food inside

    6. A set of five Food Huggers silicone food savers that cling to the cut end of your produce, keeping the rest of it fresh. Only ate half of your banana? There's a Food Hugger for that. Cringe at the sight of a sliced onion that's turned slimy? There's a Food Hugger for that as well. Just pop one of these bad boys on the end of your fruit or veg and sigh with relief — they'll be saved for another recipe.

    Various sizes of food huggers two on onions

    7. A garlic press that doubles as a garlic storage container, so you can easily chop garlic, keep the leftovers in the fridge, and always have fresh minced garlic on deck.

    Green garlic chopper with clear storage container with minced garlic inside

    8. A set of stackable (and colorful 😍) produce saver bins to keep your veggies fresh and your fridge lookin' beautiful.

    Green storage containers stacked on top of one another in the fridge, bottom one with lettuce inside

    9. A 12-piece set of silicone food storage containers with stretchable lids that uses food-grade silicone to eliminate oxidation. Plus, the stretchy lid will ensure you can make anything fit inside the containers. 😉

    Different sizes of food storage containers with different food inside, blue lids

    10. A clear plastic 18-egg tray so you can keep up with your refrigerator's new aesthetic, keep on top of exactly how many eggs you have, and get rid of unsightly and flimsy store cartons.

    Brown eggs in clear tray in fridge

    11. An herb saver that'll triple the lifespan of your fresh herbs and prevent you from dealing with the havoc bad herbs wreak in your produce drawer.

    Fresh herbs in white cylindrical herb storage container

    12. A flip-top butter dish with a matching spreader, because at this point I'm really rooting for colorful and cute refrigerator-ware. Also, I never thought I'd read such rave reviews about a butter dish, but here we are.

    13. A set of eight clear plastic fridge organizing trays that has a dedicated storage container for any food item imaginable, in case you wanna go all out and make your refrigerator look straight out of TikTok.

    Open refrigerator with food storage system

    14. An onion stretch pod that keeps cut onions fresher for longer, conserves space in your fridge, and seals odor. It doesn't just stop at onions — feel free to use this for any other produce you're lookin' to conserve.

    Fresh onion stored in stretch pod on the right vs. rotten onion stored in plastic bag on the left

    15. A 20-lb pet food storage container, because how could I forget about little Fido and Whiskers? It has a large opening for easy access and comes with a scoop that'll make feeding your pet as hassle-free as possible.

    Food storage container with pet food inside, top open and scoop

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.